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Five Brit Man United football fans warned they face JAIL over drunken Champions League rampage through Seville

FIVE Manchester United fans accused of a drunken rampage in Spain have been charged and warned they face prison if found guilty.

The Brits were held on arrest warrants at Alicante Airport in July after they landed in the Costa Blanca on a flight from Manchester.

The men were arrested by police when they landed at Alicante Airport

Warrants were issued when they failed to attend court to be tried over offences allegedly committed when United played a Champions League tie in Seville.

Today it emerged state prosecutors are demanding one-year jail sentences for the Brits, aged 29 to 31, if they are convicted.

All have now been charged with assaulting police, four with an additional minor wounding charge and one with a charge of minor criminal damage.

Court papers tell how police approached the suspects just after midnight on February 23 last year outside Hotel Inglaterra and began to shout and hit the wall of the hotel with a stone.

It states: The men failed to heed the officers orders and hindered them from doing their jobs before turning on them by pushing and hitting them.

The National Police officers were helped by other Local Police officers who were in the area and tried to arrest them but the five suspects fled and one jumped on the Local Police car, breaking its front windscreen.

They are accused of public disorder offences, criminal damage and assaulting police

They are accused of public disorder offences, criminal damage and assaulting police

The police managed to arrest all but one of the suspects at the scene despite them resisting and kicking and punching the officers.

“The fifth man, the one who had jumped on the police car, was arrested as he tried to enter the place where he was staying.

A 39-year-old Local Police officer was left with a scar on the back of his hand as a result of the injuries he suffered, the indictment states.

As well as the sentence, prosecutors also want all five fined 430 and the four arrested at the scene ordered to pay the injured officer 1,600 compensation.

No date for the trial of the unnamed Brits, which will take place in Seville, has yet been set.

However, prison sentences of two years or less are normally suspended in Spain for first-time offenders.

A spokesman for the investigating judge said today the suspects remained on bail.

The violence happened on the same night a cop was killed during ugly clashes between Athletic Bilbao and Spartak Moscow fans ahead of their Europa League tie.

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