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Amir Khan to fine rival Kell Brook £100k for every pound he comes in over weight limit for bitter grudge match

AMIR KHAN will fine bitter nemesis Kell Brook £100,000 for every pound he comes in over their 149lbs limit.

The warring welterweights have agreed to a catchweight bout on February 19 in Manchester to settle a grudge 17 years in the making.

Amir Khan will charge Kell Brook £100k per pound he goes over the weight limit
Khan and Brook faced off in a bad-tempered press conference on Monday

Khan, 34, accused 35-year-old Brook of only taking the non-title fight for a final retirement payday.

But Sheffield’s former IBF welterweight champ fired the same dig straight back at the former light-welter champ and revealed how Khan plans to coin a few more quid in before the bell.

Brook revealed: “He is a drama queen, he has a terrible ego, while I am a down-to-earth kid who wants to make the fight at almost any cost.

“I know what we have had to do to make this fight, bend over backwards, and I know this fight has only happened because of me. 

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“If I go a pound over, it costs me £100,000. Every pound is £100,000 so I cannot afford to do it.

“It makes it interesting and exciting but I am preparing for him now and waiting for this to get confirmed has put me in a bad way before.


“I am excited to put everything on hold and get this fight done.”

Bolton icon Khan, a 2004 Olympic silver winner aged just 17, is the first name on the poster and the A-side of the bout.

So he revealed he has the power to enforce strict and potentially costly limits to the clash 

King Khan roared: “I am getting the lion’s share because I am the bigger name.

“The fight is at 149lbs because Kell Brook could not make 147lbs.

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“If I had said no to the weight limit I would have got the blame again so I have allowed him that but there are extreme financial penalties if he misses weight.

“If he ends up over 149lbs there will be penalties because I am already letting him be the bigger man.”

The pair were pulled apart from their face-off opportunity and Brook admitted he was close to hitting – or throttling – his foe.

He confirmed: “I did want to hit him. I do want to because this isn’t tiddlywinks, it’s the fight game and the adrenaline gets going and I wanted to strangle him.

“The magnitude means it will be hard to control myself, when we have packed out the arena I can just see us throwing all our training and tactics out the window and just going for it in a telephone-box scrap.”

And ice-cool Khan reckons he can use Brook’s rage as a weapon against him.

“I know he gets angry and is not the best at responding so he is already on the backfoot, I have one up on him already,” he said.

“The fight is made now so he should let go of all the hate but he holds on to it all and I think that could be a huge downfall for him.

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“I can see how hurt he is by everything and I think that could be his downfall.”

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