Angry Eddie Hearn tells nightmare neighbours his Matchroom HQ fight nights will be less rowdy than dad Barry’s 70th

EDDIE HEARN floored his nightmare neighbours by promising his back-garden Fight Camp will not be as wild as his dad’s 70th birthday bash.

Seven Brentwood residents complained to the council about Hearn’s decision to hold four boxing shows in the grounds of his HQ — once the family home — during August.

Hearn is incredibly proud of the Fight Camp set up in his garden

Because there will be no live audience, the Matchroom boss does not need a licence as long as his ring and giant canopy come down after 28 days.

But that still was not enough for some of the Essex locals who remember the raucous shindig the Hearns held at the mansion for dad Barry two years ago.

Ahead of the first show on Saturday, Hearn said: “The only thing we’ve done in the garden of note is my dad’s 70th birthday and that was wild and did go on till 5am.

“They were saying, ‘We remember when he had the 70th, it was loud’.

“But the truth is the only noise you’re going to hear from here is the ring walk, which are not that loud. And a firework display with Sweet Caroline for week one and week four.

“One complaint was about international TV and people thought it would go on until the early hours — but we’ll be wrapped up by 11pm.

“The council confirmed we didn’t need a licence because we’re not selling tickets.

“This is great for Brentwood — we are spending £250,000 for everyone to stay at the local Holiday Inn, which is on its a***!”

Local amateur detectives have even accused Hearn of smuggling American MC David Diamante into the UK without the full 14-day quarantine.

So Hearn had to send the dreadlocked celeb’s flight details to the British Boxing Board of Control to keep the village busy-bodies off his case.

He said: “We’d a complaint yesterday from that lot, that David Diamante hasn’t been here for 14 days, so we had to send the flight details to the board to confirm.

“It’s pathetic. We had a handful of complaints but, truth be told, we have no neighbours — we have one 200 yards down there and one 500 yards down there.”

Matchroom founder Barry snapped up the sprawling pad for a snip in the 1980s and turned it into offices when he wanted to move further into the sticks.

But after struggling to find a buyer for two years — and letting a young Eddie squat there to make sure he was on time for work — it became the company’s office HQ.

The Matchroom boss insists it will be a professional affair and that the neighbours have nothing to worry about

Now Hearn Jr is looking forward to pulling back the curtains for the TV viewers.

He said: “My dad bought it for £200,000, 36 years ago.

“When we came here at five or six years old we couldn’t believe it. We were running around like crazy and loved the forest next door.

“When the company moved in I lived here while it was an office. I used to wake up at 8.30am, step in the shower and at 8.45 I was at my desk.

“People always say, ‘Is it not weird seeing people in rooms that you lived in’. I don’t see it like that.

“It’s a bit cheesy but everyone who works here is part of the family. It is a family home.

“Brentwood used to be a village and when it started to become more populated and less rural, they decided to move further into the country.

“They said to me, ‘You can stay here while it’s on the market and then you’ve got to go’. They took everything out of the house other than my bed, a TV and a sofa.

“But then they couldn’t sell, so I was here for about two years on my own.”

Now the former Little Lord of Hearn Manor is using it to get his stable back at the races after lockdown — although he expects to make a loss on the £5million, four-show schedule.

He said: “I don’t mind losing a few quid here because it’s the nuts, it looks the b******s, it is innovative and is great for the brand because everyone is watching worldwide.”

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