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Anthony Joshua Almost Knocks Out His Trainer in Scary Training Mishap

Close Call in the Gym

Anthony Joshua had boxing fans holding their breath as footage emerged of him nearly landing a powerful punch on his trainer, Ben Davison.

Dynamic Duo

With four consecutive wins, including two under new coach Davison, Joshua is gearing up for his next move in the ring.

Anthony Joshua training with coach Ben Davison
AJ almost landed one of his signature right hands on his coach

Future Fights and Near Misses

As rumors swirl about a potential Tyson Fury bout, a video surfaced of Joshua's training session where he narrowly missed hitting Davison.

Reaction from Fans

Fans were quick to react, with one saying, "This could’ve ended badly," while another praised Davison's quick reflexes.

Upcoming Matches

With Joshua eyeing the winner of Fury's upcoming fight, the boxing world is buzzing with anticipation.

Fury's Take

When asked about Joshua's progress, Fury quipped, "I’ve got my own wife and kids to look after, not focus on other men’s careers."

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind diet should an amateur boxer follow to improve their performance?

A novice should consume a diet with a balance of nutrients that supports intense workouts, and promotes recovery. It is generally recommended to consume a mix of carbohydrates for energy, lean proteins for muscle repair and growth, and healthy fats for overall health. Also, vitamins and minerals, as well as hydration, are important. Consulting a sports nutritionist to develop a diet plan that is tailored for the boxer’s weight class and training schedule can be beneficial.

How important is physical conditioning in professional boxing?

Professional boxing demands a high level physical conditioning. The sport demands a high level of strength, speed and endurance. Professional boxers need to engage in a customized fitness program, which includes aerobic and anaerobic exercise, strength and resistance exercises, and flexibility workouts. A boxer cannot train efficiently and perform well in the ring without superior physical fitness.

How long usually does it take for a person to become professional boxer.

The time it takes to become a professional boxer can vary widely. The time it takes to become a professional boxer can vary widely. It all depends on an individual’s skill level at the start, their ability to adapt to the sport and the quality training they receive. It may take several years for a dedicated amateur athlete to reach the level of a professional. However, some exceptional talents might advance more quickly, while others may need more time to develop.

How do boxers control their weight and maintain their weight classes?

Boxers manage their weight by adhering to strict diets and precise training regimens. Nutritionists will help develop a weight loss plan for boxers that is based on their goals and doesn’t compromise nutrition or training energy. Exercise and weight monitoring are important, particularly as the fight nears. Weight management is an important strategic process. If done incorrectly it can lead to poor performance or health issues.

How do amateurs progress to professional boxers?

As you transition from amateur to pro boxing, your competition intensity, mental preparation, and training will increase significantly. An amateur boxer is required to establish a record of success, usually by honing their skills at local and national contests. The key is to get a professional boxing certificate and work with managers and trainers that can guide you in your career and help secure professional bouts.

What are the roles of managers and promoters in a professional boxer’s career?

Managers and promoters play pivotal roles in a boxer’s professional career. Managers manage the career of boxers, negotiate contracts, and take care of their business affairs. Also, they help select the right fights while looking out for the interests of the boxer. Promoters, on the other hand, focus on event organization, marketing fights, and attracting audience and sponsor attention, which enhances a boxer’s public profile and earning potential.

What equipment is necessary for a new professional boxer?

Equipment essential for those who want to get into professional boxing include boxing gloves, mouthguards, headgears (for sparring) and the right footwear. The use of a heavy, speed, or double-end bag is essential for technical workouts. Use quality gear that is durable and offers protection. Poor equipment can lead to injury.


  • The average age for boxers to turn professional is between 18 to 25 years, though many continue to compete well into their 30s and beyond.
  • Research shows that a boxer’s reaction time is typically under 0.25 seconds, honed through repetitive drills and sparring.
  • Less than 10% of professional boxers are undefeated throughout their career, highlighting the sport’s competitive nature.
  • Cardiovascular fitness is critical, with a focus on high intensity interval training, comprising up to 40% of a boxer’s conditioning program.
  • A study showed that most professional boxers have spent more than 4 years in training before their first professional bout.
  • Statistical data indicates that there has been a 15% increase in the number of professional boxing gyms over the last decade.
  • Nutrition experts emphasize that over 70% of a boxer’s diet should focus on carbohydrates and proteins for energy and recovery.

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How To

How to Lose Weight for a Boxing Fight

A disciplined approach is required to manage your weight prior to a boxing match. Create a nutrition program that emphasizes hydration and complex carbohydrates while cutting down on foods high in sodium and fat. It is possible to manipulate the water weight of your body by increasing and decreasing water consumption a few weeks ahead of the fight. If necessary, incorporate sauna sessions and increase your workout intensity to lose extra pounds. However, always prioritize safety and avoid drastic weight loss methods.

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