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Anthony Joshua ‘looks amazing’ under new trainer Derrick James as details of his camp for Jermaine Franklin are revealed

, Anthony Joshua ‘looks amazing’ under new trainer Derrick James as details of his camp for Jermaine Franklin are revealed

ANTHONY JOSHUA is looking “amazing” under the guidance of new head coach Derrick James.

AJ appointed James as his new chief trainer two months after axing Robert Garcia following his second successive points defeat to Oleksandr Usyk.

Anthony Joshua has appointed Derek James as his new head coach

James replaces the recently-axed Robert Garcia

, Anthony Joshua ‘looks amazing’ under new trainer Derrick James as details of his camp for Jermaine Franklin are revealed
AJ is said to have come on leaps and bounds under the American

Joshua has been training in Texas with James for the last few weeks and is said to have already come on leaps and bounds.

That’s according to boxing manager Adrian Clark, who told Tha Boxing Voice: “I wish and it’s something I’ve AJ and Derrick, I wish he would have captured Derrick in his 20s.

“Just the way he looks now, and he’s only been there a couple of weeks.

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“But man, it’s crazy to see someone that big move that fast and he looks amazing with James.”

Joshua’s first outing under James will see him lock horns with American gunslinger Jermaine Franklin on April 1.

And he’s champing at the bit to showcase the fruits of his labour with the Texan.

He said: “I want to put on a show and impress my coach as he has high standards.

“Franklin has a good style and a great attitude, which he has shown in recent fights.”

Joshua’s clash with Franklin will be his first outing since back-to-back defeats to Usyk – which have left him outside the world title picture.


He said: “I’m looking forward to stepping back into the ring on April 1 at The O2 in London.

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“Mentally and physically I feel ready.”

A third defeat on the trot would be catastrophic for Joshua’s career, which is somewhat hanging on a knife edge.

Promoter Eddie Hearn told iFL TV: “You go into that fight in April and you know that defeat, it’s all over, really.

, Anthony Joshua ‘looks amazing’ under new trainer Derrick James as details of his camp for Jermaine Franklin are revealed

“It would be a third back-to-back defeat and yet a great performance and a showroom knockout will get everyone saying, ‘We’re back, baby.’

“That’s what I can’t wait for because I love it when our backs are against the wall.

“I’m excited. I’m really excited.

“This is the most excited I’ve been in Joshua’s journey so far.”

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What are some ways I can improve my combat defense?

You can improve your defense in fighting by learning how to fight smart. It is important to know how to defend yourself against all types of attacks, as well as how to counterattack when necessary.

If you don’t fight well, you will not be able to handle any situation. You’ll just get beaten up. You’ll just get beat up if you know how fight.

These are some tips that will help you improve your defense.

  1. You need to know where your opponent is coming from. This means you must pay close attention to the body language of your opponent. If your opponent appears nervous, it could mean that he’s about to attack again.
  2. Stay calm. Don’t panic. Instead, stay focused and relaxed.
  3. Block with your arms. You can defend yourself against attacks by blocking with your arms.
  4. Counterattack. If you see your opponent attacking you, then you need to counterattack immediately.
  5. Fight dirty. Fight dirty. For example, if your opponent throws a kick at you, then you can respond by kicking him back.

What are some of the benefits of learning how to box

If you want to learn how to box, then you should consider the following reasons:

  • It increases confidence. Being able to box will help you face bullies and other bullies.
  • It is good for your health. Boxing is good for building muscle mass. Muscle mass can make you stronger.
  • It teaches self-defense skills. If you know how to fight, then you will be able to protect your self.
  • It develops your mental toughness. You need mental toughness to face difficult situations.
  • It can give you a feeling of accomplishment. Once you have mastered a technique, you will feel like a true boxer.
  • It’s fun! There’s nothing better than getting punched in the stomach.
  • It’s cheap. All you need are a pair of punching bags and boxing gloves.
  • It doesn’t need much space

How long does learning boxing take?

Boxing takes approximately 3 months to learn. This includes learning basic skills like footwork and stance. It is important to remember that boxing does not just involve throwing punches. You need to learn how you can block and dodge attacks.


  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (

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How to set up a Boxing Gym in my House

Many people are curious about how to start a boxing business. Many people wonder how much money to spend on equipment, what space is necessary, how many staff they require, etc. The cost of starting a business can be affected by many factors. Some of them include location, type of business, number of employees, marketing budget, competition etc. One thing most people overlook is the importance and value of good equipment. You cannot start if there isn’t the equipment. Here are some tips for setting up a boxing school in your home.

  1. You will need somewhere to train. The space you need to train can be found in the garage, basement and spare rooms, as well as in the living room. Only thing is that the equipment must have enough space.
  2. You will need at least one punching bag. It is crucial because you will not be able practice punches if you don’t have a punching bag. It can be anything from a cheap plastic bag to a heavy leather bag. Make sure that it is big enough to fit you comfortably. Make sure it’s durable and sturdy so you can use it over the years.
  3. You will need a mat. Matting is used to protect floors or walls while practicing kicks. Matting is typically made from foam rubber. You can buy them online and offline.
  4. A bench is a must. The bench can be used to support the body during pushups. These benches can be bought online and in physical stores. Make sure you get the right size.
  5. A speedbag is essential. Speedbags are useful for developing quick hand movements. You can buy them from either online or offline shops. You want to make sure you get a high-quality product that will last.
  6. Headgear is necessary. Headgear is used to protect your head during sparring sessions. It can be purchased from online stores or offline stores. Make sure you get something that fits and protects your face.
  7. Gloves are essential. Gloves protect your hands during sparring sessions. These gloves are available online and in offline shops. Choose a pair that suits your needs and style.
  8. You will need a mouthpiece. You can use mouthpieces to protect your teeth during sparring sessions. These are available online and in offline shops. Make sure you choose the pair that fits your style and meets your needs.
  9. You will need a ring. Rings are used in real fight simulations. They can be purchased offline or online stores. Make sure that it has padding on both sides so that you aren’t injured during sparring sessions.
  10. You will need a towel. To wipe away sweat after each session, towels are necessary. They can either be purchased at your local sporting good store or online. Make certain that they are soft and absorbent.

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