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Anthony Joshua relaxes watching ‘one of the greatest heavyweights’ on TV ahead of Dillian Whyte fight

ANTHONY JOSHUA has been studying one of the “greatest heavyweights” ever ahead of his rematch with Dillian Whyte.

The former two-time unified heavyweight champion will renew his rivalry with the Brixton Body Snatcher at The O2 on August 12.

Anthony Joshua will throw down with Dillian Whyte in a rematch next month

AJ is preparing for the domestic dust-up in Texas under new trainer Derrick James

The pair have been studying old Evander Holyfield fights ahead of fight night

Joshua has holed himself up in his Texas training camp for the second fight of his career rebuild, which new head trainer Derrick James is overseeing.

And they have been studying one of the best to ever do it in the division before next‘s month’s domestic dust-up.

On Monday night, Joshua shared a video of himself watching one of Evander Holyfield‘s iconic fights with James to his Instagram story.

The caption emblazoned across the video read: “Watching one of the greatest heavyweights. ‘The Real Deal.'”

Joshua, 33, is an avid student of the fight game and routinely studies the greats of yesteryear – particularly heavyweights.

AJ had the opportunity to meet former undisputed cruiserweight and former unified heavyweight king Holyfield before his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk last August.

The Brit posed for a snap with the 60-year-old after his open workout in Saudi, clenching his right fist as the American did the same.

Victory over Whyte – who he knocked out nearly eight years ago – will see Joshua finalise a long overdue grudge match with Deontay Wilder.


And he admits the stakes are extremely high for his second showdown with his long-time rival.

He said: “It’s a huge night for my career. I’m gonna be victorious, 100 per cent.

“That’s my goal, that’s my plan. And yeah, that’s my motivation.

“So yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Respect to the team. May the best man win.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn told talkSPORT: “I don’t know how the Whyte fight goes.

“But we’ve been told categorically that the deal on the table is not the deal if he loses to Dillian Whyte.

“They didn’t want him to fight Dillian Whyte.

“It was almost like, ‘Please, don’t fight Dillian Whyte.

“‘You don’t need to. We’ve got this fight in December.’

“But AJ was like, ‘No. I want to fight.'”

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What is the average time it takes to learn to box.

Boxing is the oldest known martial art. China is where the first known boxing match took place in 2200 BC. Boxing has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, boxing is still popular among athletes and celebrities. However, it takes about 10 months to become proficient at boxing.

The reason why it takes so long to learn boxing is because it involves many different types of movements. To perform each movement properly, you need specific muscles. So, it takes time to develop these muscles.

Once you have mastered the art of moving your body, you are ready to start learning any type or boxing technique. And over time, you’ll become more skilled at each technique.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport that involves two people who try to knock each other out by hitting them in the head and face. The goal of boxing, is to strike your opponent as hard as you can without causing injury. This can only happen if both boxers are able to throw heavy punches. They must also be able to coordinate their hand-eye movements.

How can you box punches properly?

A punching bag is used to practice boxing punches. You’ll need to keep punching the bag until you feel you have mastered the technique. You can then move on to another area of your body. Once you feel confident with the area, move on to next.


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How to set up a Boxing Gym in my House

How to setup a boxing gym is a common question asked every day by people who want to start their own business. People often ask what amount they should spend on equipment, what size space is needed, how many people do they need, etc. There are many factors that affect the cost of starting your own business. Some of these factors are location, type and number of employees, budget, competition, etc. One thing most people overlook is the importance and value of good equipment. You can’t start if you don’t have the right equipment. So if you really want to start a boxing gym in your home, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. A place to train is essential. It could be a garage, basement or spare room. Even the living room will work. The only requirement is that there must be enough space to set up the equipment.
  2. A punching bag is essential. This is very important because without a punching bag you won’t be able to practice punches. You can use anything, from a plastic bag to a heavy-duty leather bag. It must be big enough for you to carry it comfortably. You should also ensure it is durable and strong so it can last many years.
  3. You need a mat. Matting protects floors and walls from kicks. It is usually made of foam rubber. These can be purchased online or in-store.
  4. You will need a bench. The bench can be used to support the body during pushups. You can buy them online or in-store. However, make sure that you choose the right size for you.
  5. A speedbag is essential. Speedbags allow you to make quick hand movements. You can buy them from either online or offline shops. Be sure to buy quality products that last.
  6. You will need a headgear. It protects your head when sparring. It can be bought online or in-store. It is important to choose the right size and protection for your face.
  7. Gloves are required. Gloves are used to protect your hands during sparring sessions. These gloves can be bought online or in stores. Select the pair that fits your style and needs.
  8. A mouthpiece is required. Mouthpieces are used to protect your teeth during sparring sessions. These can be purchased online or in-store. Choose the pair that suits you best.
  9. A ring is essential. Rings are used to simulate real fights. These rings can either be purchased in an offline store or online. To ensure you aren’t hurt during sparring sessions, make sure it has padding on both ends.
  10. You will need to have a towel. Towels are used to wipe sweat off after each workout session. They can either be purchased at your local sporting good store or online. Make sure that they’re soft and absorbent.