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Anthony Joshua Reveals He Signed to Fight Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder

, Anthony Joshua Reveals He Signed to Fight Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder

Joshua Ready for Any Challenge

Boxing star Anthony Joshua has made it clear that he does not shy away from a challenge. He recently revealed that he signed contracts to fight both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, proving his willingness to take on the best in the business.

Wild Ride to Wilder Fight

Anthony Joshua had signed a contract to face Deontay Wilder in a highly anticipated bout in Riyadh. However, Wilder's loss to Joseph Parker caused the fight agreement to fall through, despite both fighters signing on the dotted line.

Business-Minded Fighter

Joshua emphasized that he is always up for a challenge and does not back down from tough opponents. Despite facing setbacks with the Wilder fight and a canceled bout with Fury due to contractual obligations, Joshua remains determined to prove himself in the ring.

Looking Ahead

With Fury's upcoming fight against Oleksandr Usyk postponed due to injury, and Ngannou showing his strength in the ring, Joshua is ready to face the best and test his skills. He believes in always overestimating his opponents to avoid any surprises in the ring.

, Anthony Joshua Reveals He Signed to Fight Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment am I required to start boxing?

In order to train and be safe, you will need certain essentials. Boxing gloves are essential, as well as hand wraps for protecting your wrists and fingers, a protective mouthguard and a headgear when sparring. Additionally, boxing shoes and comfortable athletic clothing are recommended for better movement and support.

What is the correct stance for boxing?

Standing shoulder width apart with the front foot forward and the back foot at a 90-degree angle is the classic boxing position. Your weight should be balanced on your ball of the feet. Your knees need to be slightly bent. Hands up for protection of your face. Elbows tucked under to protect the torso.

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What are common mistakes beginners make in boxing?

The most common mistakes are: overextending your punches; dropping your hands; ignoring defense; holding your breath. You can correct these mistakes by working with a coach.

What should I consider when selecting a boxing club?

Look for a gym that has a friendly atmosphere, instructors who are experienced and approachable, classes for all skill levels, high-quality equipment, and reviews from members. Trial sessions can help you to understand the training style and gym atmosphere.

Boxing can I begin at any age?

Yes, as long you’re in good health and your doctor has given you clearance to begin boxing. Boxing can be adapted to fit individuals of any age and fitness level.

What is the best way to learn boxing for beginners?

Beginners should not spar immediately. It is best to wait until you have a firm foundation and are fit enough. Under the supervision of a trainer and wearing appropriate protective gear, sparring is vital for safety and learning.

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What should I focus on as a beginner in boxing?

As a novice, you should concentrate on learning the correct form and technique. You should master basic punches and develop your defense. Also, you need to improve on your footwork. Start slowly, prioritize technique over power, and seek guidance from a knowledgeable coach.


  • Approximately 50% of beginner boxers drop out within the first six months, highlighting the importance of sustaining motivation and setting realistic goals.
  • Beginner boxers tend to make the mistake of holding their breath in 70% of cases during their initial training sessions.
  • Boxing has one of the lowest rates of injury compared to other contact sports, with approximately 1.1 injuries per 1,000 minutes of athletics.
  • Surveys reveal that close to 40% of new boxers join the sport for self-defense purposes rather than for competition or fitness.
  • Women are joining boxing in increasing numbers, rising by about 15% in the past decade, indicating growing gender diversity in the sport.
  • Studies suggest that about 30% of beginner boxers tend to neglect the importance of footwork in their initial training phase.
  • On average, beginners who undergo proper boxing training can expect to burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per hour.
  • Cardiovascular fitness improvements can be seen after just 12 weeks of consistent boxing training.
  • An analysis of boxing workouts demonstrates that participants can maintain a heart rate at 75-85% of their maximum, which is the optimal range for cardiovascular training.
  • On average, beginner boxers improve their punching power by 10%-20% after six months of consistent training.

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How To

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Boxing

Start by practicing proper technique. From your punches to the way you walk, it’s all part of preventing common injuries. Warm up before you train to increase flexibility and prevent strains. Gradually build up the intensity of your workouts, listen to your body, and take rest days seriously. Maintaining your protective equipment is vital to preventing injuries.

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