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Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club

, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club

APOLLONIA LLEWELLYN’S secret footballer boyfriend Jai Rowe has been left unemployed.

Rowe, 21, does not feature on the ring girl’s social media, however, she is a regular fixture on his Instagram.

Jai Rowe was released by Aldershot Town

, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club
Apollonia Llewellyn is his girlfriend Jai Rowe

, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club
They have been together for over a year

However, he has had some bad news as he has been released by non-league side Aldershot Town following the end of the 2022/23 season.

He was one of eight players to leave the club after an 18th-placed finish in the National League.

The club managed to finish just five points clear of the relegation zone.

Since the season finale, Rowe has been on holiday, although he did post on Instagram hinting that he would be on the move as he wrote: “Season 22/23 complete
, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club.

“Break time before my next chapter
, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club
, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club.”

He often posts snaps of himself and Apollonia on his social media pages of them hanging out together.

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The ring girl has shot to fame in recent months after being signed to KSI’s boxing agency Misfits.

KSI’s collaboration with Llewelyn is proving to be a lucrative one with the Leeds-born beauty able to promote Prime to her 557,000 Instagram followers.

, Apollonia Llewellyn’s secret footballer boyfriend left unemployed after being released by his club
Apollonia Llewellyn – Instagram,

The energy drink has taken the world by storm and is already worth an estimated £18m.

It is also the official hydration drink of KSI’s team Arsenal.

Fans of Llewellyn were left disappointed last week after she confirmed she is off the market, celebrating her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Jai Rowe.

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