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Boxing Fans Blame Tyson Fury for Ruining Deontay Wilder’s Career

Wilder's Shocking Defeat to Joseph Parker

Boxing fans are pointing the finger at Tyson Fury for allegedly ruining Deontay Wilder's boxing career. Wilder recently suffered a surprise points loss to Joseph Parker, and fans believe that Fury's previous fights with Wilder took a toll on the American boxer.

A Classic Trilogy with Fury

Wilder and Fury engaged in one of the heavyweight division's most memorable trilogies. However, Wilder was knocked down a total of five times in their three bouts, resulting in a draw and two stoppage losses.

Ring Rust Exposed

Wilder's defeat to Parker highlighted his lack of activity in the ring. Before the fight, Wilder had only one round of boxing in 14 months. This ring rust was evident as he landed just 39 shots out of the 204 he threw, with an accuracy rate of 19.1%. In comparison, Parker had a success rate of 34.9%, landing 89 shots out of 255.

Fury Takes the Best Days Away

Fans are convinced that Fury's fights with Wilder took a toll on the American boxer. Many believe that Fury "ruined" Wilder and took away his best days in the ring. Wilder's lackluster performance and low punch output had fans questioning his abilities.

One fan stated, "Tyson Fury finished Wilder forever," while another claimed, "Wilder is a tired boxer now, Tyson Fury took his soul." The impact of Fury's fights on Wilder's career is clear, as he lost out on a lucrative fight deal with Anthony Joshua.

It remains to be seen how Wilder will bounce back from this defeat and whether he can regain his former glory in the ring.