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Boxing fans can’t wait for Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder fight card after ‘best promo video EVER’ drops

UK boxing fans are buzzing with anticipation for the highly-anticipated fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, especially after the release of what many are calling the "best promo video EVER".

Undead Boxers

The promotional video, titled "Day of Reckoning," has taken social media by storm with its zombie-themed introduction of the boxers on the fight card.

All-Star Lineup

The star-studded promo features boxing heavyweights such as Joseph Parker, Otto Wallin, Filip Hrgovic, Dimitir Bivol, Deontay Wilder, and of course, Anthony Joshua.

Zombie Wilder

One of the standout moments in the video is Deontay Wilder's cameo as a zombie driving a van, with promoter Frank Warren as his sidekick in the passenger seat.

Undead AJ

Not to be outdone, Anthony Joshua makes a grand entrance as an undead monster, signing autographs on a poster while his promoter Eddie Hearn smokes a cigar and casually ashes it on a dismembered zombie head.

Zombie Smackdown

In another scene, AJ showcases his formidable power by sending a zombie's head flying with a single punch, after dramatically descending a flight of stairs.

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Meanwhile, Wilder and Warren continue their post-apocalyptic journey, zooming around in their van through a world ravaged by zombies.

Rave Reviews

Fans couldn't contain their excitement and flooded social media with praise for the video. One fan exclaimed, "Really don't know what I watched but f***ing class this is," while another declared it the "best boxing promotional video" they had ever seen.

Behind the Scenes

Both AJ and Hearn shared glimpses of the behind-the-scenes action on their social media accounts. Joshua's pictures showed him enjoying some food in his zombie get-up, with incredibly realistic "bite" marks on his face. Hearn, on the other hand, showcased his acting skills with pictures of himself in full zombie makeup, captioning it as his "acting debut" for the "Day of Reckoning" promo.