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Chris Eubank Jr wears Man Utd shirt to Liam Smith weigh-in and tips scales in rainbow armband after homophobia row

, Chris Eubank Jr wears Man Utd shirt to Liam Smith weigh-in and tips scales in rainbow armband after homophobia row

CHRIS EUBANK JR takes Pride in being one of British boxing’s most hated men – but insists none of his antics are an act.

The 33-year-old Brighton man was dragged into a war of words with Liam Smith ahead of Saturday’s middleweight showdown, accusing Liverpool’s 34-year-old former world champion of being unfaithful to his wife.

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith were involved in a heated press conference on Thursday

Former light-middleweight champ Smith made some homophobically-chared comments towards Eubank Jr

, Chris Eubank Jr wears Man Utd shirt to Liam Smith weigh-in and tips scales in rainbow armband after homophobia row
Eubank Jr donned a rainbow armband along with a Manchester United kit during Friday’s weigh-ins

, Chris Eubank Jr wears Man Utd shirt to Liam Smith weigh-in and tips scales in rainbow armband after homophobia row
Next Gen proudly sported the armband

Smith had taken shots at Eubank Jr for allegedly having his hairline boosted by a tattoo and cast aspersions over his sexuality and friendship with Brazilian footballer Neymar.

The ugly insults and suggestions are being investigated by the British Boxing Board of Control, who could hit both fighters with fines for bringing the sport into disrepute.

But Eubank Jr kept up the goading by wearing a Manchester United shirt to Friday’s weigh-in – earning loud boos from the Smith’s Liverpool fans – and a rainbow armband in support of the LGBTQ community.

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Like his British ring legend father, Chris Sr, Eubank likes to leap over the ropes, pose for the cameras and antagonise opponents.

But he insists he is being true to himself and fans are free to love or loathe him.

“There are people out there who genuinely hate me,” he told SunSport. “And I don’t know why.

“But it’s not an act, people would be able to see through an act like that.

“Over the years, some of the people who have ruled against me have switched over and supported me.


“I have noticed a change over the last few years and yes, that does make me feel good.

“Would I prefer to be the good guy in these fights? Would I prefer not to get booed into arenas? Sure. Yes.

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“Any normal human being would prefer people to be nice. But boxing isn’t nice, the world isn’t nice.

“You have to deal with a lot of stuff and I understand that and accepted it a long time ago.

“I accepted a long time ago that I will never be the good guy for some people.

“I am interested to see my reception in Manchester. I was going to get booed into the fight with Conor Benn.

“I wonder if I will get booed into the fight with Liam Smith.

“I have not changed, I am the same guy. We will find out on the night.”

Eubank Jr was scheduled to fight Benn, the son of Nigel and his father’s most iconic rival, in an October catchweight clash.

But the 26-year-old had failed two drugs tests – which he is still disputing with VADA and the WBC – and the build-up and the BBBofC cancelled the showdown at the 11th hour.

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, Chris Eubank Jr wears Man Utd shirt to Liam Smith weigh-in and tips scales in rainbow armband after homophobia row
Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith had to be separated by security

Win or lose against Smith, that grudge war is now even more intriguing – such is the grubby nature of boxing – but poker-loving Eubank Jr insists he now holds all the aces and he will not be folding to any demands.

“When I was cutting all that weight, it felt like I was going to die.” he revealed.“It is a horrible and disgusting feeling.

“I was frustrated the fight didn’t happen but now I recognise that there are a lot of positives that come out of the fight not happening.

“The profile of the fight is now twice as big and there is twice as much money to be made.

“It was a sold-out O2 show and now it will be in a stadium.

“Everyone loves a scandal – so the fight is bigger.

“And he has lost all of his privileges, the ball is in my court, he failed two tests so he cannot be coming back with any demands. Everything is on my terms now.

“If I had beaten him in October his fans would have stayed his fans.

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“Now I have taken a lot of his fans away, without even beating him.

“I was going to get booed into that arena but if I fight him tomorrow, it will be the opposite. So I am a glass-half-full type of guy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of boxing

There are many benefits to boxing. Boxing has many health benefits. It helps strengthen your bones and muscles. It enhances your coordination as well as reflexes. It also strengthens your heart and lungs. The best part about boxing? It doesn’t require special equipment. You can use whatever you have around the house.

How many hours do boxers train in a single day?

Boxing trainers often train at least 4 hours per day. They also learn new moves and practice punches. Boxers spar 10 times per week.

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How can I practice boxing defense by myself?

Boxing is the oldest known martial art. Boxing can also be considered to one of hardest sports to perform. You cannot just punch someone in his face and then knock him out. You have to be able to defend yourself against kicks and punches.

The first thing you need to do is find a boxing gym near you. After you have found a great place to train, you will need gloves and headgear. Gloves protect you hands while the helmet protects your head. Also, you will need to wear shorts with a T-shirt.

Once you have all your equipment, you need to heat up. Start off slowly and gradually work your way up to full speed. If you feel ready, get on the bag and start sparring with another boxer. Do not worry if you make a mistake. Try again until you get it right.

How to throw your jab.

This guide will show you how to throw a jab.

  1. With both feet, move forward
  2. Elevate your arm over your shoulder.
  3. Keep your fist in front of your target.
  4. After hitting your target, raise your arm upwards.
  5. Continue with steps 1 through 4.

What is the best way to practice boxing with no partner?

You can practice boxing by watching professional matches on TV, even if your partner is not available. You could also look for an amateur boxing club in your area. Amateur boxing clubs hold regular training sessions. These sessions are often attended by sparring partners who share the same pads.

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You can also use punching bags to practice boxing. Before hitting the bag you should make sure you are wearing protective gear, such as gloves.


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How to learn to box to exercise

How to learn how to box for Exercise

Your goal in learning boxing is self-confidence and improvement of your physical fitness. Boxing is a popular sport. It requires speed, agility and strength.

Boxing can be a great exercise and a way to improve your self-esteem. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want more.

There are many types of boxing training programs. You can choose to train in a gym or at home. Others require that you go to a health club. There are also online courses which allow you to study from anywhere in the world.

Be sure to consider your goals when choosing a program. Also, ensure it fits your lifestyle. The best programs are those that focus on building muscle mass, increasing flexibility, improving cardiovascular endurance, and improving overall well-being.

Also, consider whether you prefer an advanced or beginner course. Beginner’s programs typically teach fundamental techniques and drills like shadowboxing, sparring and mitt work. Advanced programs offer more variety and more complex movements.

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These programs are generally less expensive than $100 and last for eight weeks. They don’t offer any advice on nutrition, weight loss or injury prevention.

Advanced programs can last up to six months, and usually cost about $300. They may include nutritional advice, stretching, warm-up exercises and instruction on proper technique. In addition, some programs incorporate resistance training (such as lifting weights) and aerobic conditioning (such as running).




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