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Conor Benn tattoos – what do they say and what are their meanings ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr?

, Conor Benn tattoos – what do they say and what are their meanings ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr?

CONOR BENN is set to step in the ring to fight Chris Eubank Jr on Saturday night.

The bout dubbed ‘Born Rivals’ sees sons of Nigel Benn an Chris Eubank Snr go head-to-head just as their fathers did twice 1990s.

Conor Benn continues the Benn-Eubank family feud

Benn has multiple tattoos around his face

, Conor Benn tattoos – what do they say and what are their meanings ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr?
Benn explained the meaning behind some of his tattoos

, Conor Benn tattoos – what do they say and what are their meanings ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr?
Conor Benn’s neck has an eagle on it

Speaking ahead of the fight Conor Benn revealed much about his tattoos.

He is covered in body art from head to toe and he explained the meaning behind his neck tattoo that says ‘Fear is a Lie.’

The 26-year-old was asked if he feared losing he replied: “I’ve got fear is a lie tattooed across my neck.

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“Fear to me is a lie. I mean fear is an illusion. You can fear something that doesn’t even happen.

“How can you give something some power or fear something that hasn’t even happened yet. It only exists in your head and nine times out of ten it doesn’t happen anyway.

“So, me fearing losing is why I train so hard. I love winning, don’t get me wrong but I probably fear losing a bit more.

“I train out of fear I really do. I don’t think I could deal with losing. I fear it so much I get scared.

“And that’s why I train so hard, I have my reasons and if fear is what gets me out of bed in the morning at 5am, I’m gonna do that. I’ll do it twice on Sundays if needs be.

“All I can do is do everything in my power to make sure that I am not beat by me. When I get in the ring I’m not beat by Conor Benn.

“If the other man beats me, I can’t even say fair enough, I can’t beat myself.”

‘The Destroyer’ has his nickname written across his shoulders and also has his own brand’s logo ‘CB’ on his body.

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The welterweight additionally has a large cross on his chest and the words Fear God across his stomach.

Furthermore the boxer has a tribute to his son Eli Clay on the side of his face. His name is tattooed near to his ear.

Speaking about the tattoo Benn exclusively told SunSport that he had to get his mother’s permission for it.

Benn revealed: “I have my son’s name tattooed down the side of my face now so he is never far away from me.

“I must admit I had to call my mum and get permission for that one because I always promised her I would never get one on my face.

“I made the call and explained it to her and she gave me permission.

“I was never going over the eyebrow, or doing a Mike Tyson, I had thought about a facial one before but don’t think I have it in me.”

Benn will be looking to do better than his father managed against a Eubank family member as his bouts ended in a loss and a draw.

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However if Eubank Snr had his way the fight would not be going ahead at all as he is worried about his son’s safety after losing weight for the fight.

, Conor Benn tattoos – what do they say and what are their meanings ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr?Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn will fight at the O2 Arena

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