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Conor McGregor had to apologise for calling TV boss a ‘weasel’ in order to get Gervonta Davis tickets, claims old rival

, Conor McGregor had to apologise for calling TV boss a ‘weasel’ in order to get Gervonta Davis tickets, claims old rival

CONOR McGREGOR had to apologise to TV boss Stephen Espinoza in order to get tickets to Gervonta Davis’ fight with Ryan Garcia.

That is according to old rival Paulie Malignaggi, who famously feuded with the Irishman following their disputed sparring sessions.

Conor McGregor at Gervonta Davis’ fight with Ryan Garcia

Floyd Mayweather, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza and Conor McGregor

The spars came in the lead up to McGregor’s crossover boxing match with Mayweather in 2017, which he lost in ten rounds.

And during the heated build up to the blockbuster bout, the UFC superstar called Showtime’s Espinoza a “weasel”.

So when McGregor, 34, wanted entry into Davis’ super-fight with Garcia six years later, he allegedly had some grovelling to do.

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Malignaggi claimed on his YouTube channel: “This happened because I’ve got all the inside sources, Conor McGregor had to apologise to Stephen Espinoza in order to get tickets to the Gervonta Davis versus Ryan Garcia fight.”

“Everybody knows that McGregor has had issues, his run ins with Espinoza in the past and they were enemies as well.

“But Espinoza now controls the tickets, it’s a Showtime fight. He had to apologise and this p****y apologised just to get tickets to the fight.

“Conor McGregor, Connie, how does Stephen Espinoza’s d taste? Can you let me know?

“Because I told them to f*** off when they wanted me to apologise.”

Malignaggi, who retired in 2017, was sacked as an analyst for Showtime in 2020 over comments about race.

McGregor watched as Davis, 28, stopped Garcia, 24, in round seven with a brutal body shot.

He was later seen backstage and bumped into Mayweather Sr, where he revealed an interest in training with his ex-opponent’s dad.

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And McGregor also visited Garcia’s changing rooms after the American’s defeat and called to see a rematch with Davis.

, Conor McGregor had to apologise for calling TV boss a ‘weasel’ in order to get Gervonta Davis tickets, claims old rival
Ryan Garcia with Conor McGregor after defeat to Gervonta Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boxing?

Boxing involves two people trying to knock each others out with punches in the face and head. The goal of boxing, is to strike your opponent as hard as you can without causing injury. For this to happen, both boxers have to be able and willing to throw punches at a high rate of speed. They also need to have good hand-eye coordination.

How long does it take to learn to box?

Boxing is one the oldest forms of martial arts. The first recorded boxing match was held in China around 2200 BC. For thousands of years, boxing has been practiced. Athletes and celebrities still love boxing. It takes around 10 months for a boxer to be proficient.

Boxing involves many movements, which is why it can take so long to learn. Each movement requires specific muscles to perform properly. It takes time to train these muscles.

Once you have mastered the art of moving your body, you are ready to start learning any type or boxing technique. You’ll get better at each technique over time.

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How much weight should I lift when working out?

If you are looking to increase your strength, weight lifting is a must. Lifting weights should be done with care. It is important to not do too much. You should lift heavier weights at least once a week. Third, complete each exercise 8 times. Fourth, rest for 2 minutes between sets. Fifth, all exercises should be performed without momentum. Finally, be focused on form, not speed.

Can I box without fighting?

You can’t train boxing without fighting. You must put in the work to get better at boxing. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, you’ll be able improve your boxing technique as well as speed, endurance, strength, stamina, and speed.

It is important to observe good boxers fighting in order to improve your boxing technique. Watch how they move, how they throw punches, and how they defend themselves. Next, try to copy their moves.

Next, you need to spar with another boxer. You’ll be able to see how you’ve improved your fighting technique. You’ll notice how fast and strong you punch, as well as how effective you are at blocking incoming punches, when you spar.

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Finally, you’ll need to practice your boxing skills by doing drills. It takes practice to become a master boxer, so persevere and be patient.


  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
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How To

Here are the Basic Skills of Boxing

How to box effectively

Boxing has become a very popular sport. Two opponents fight each other to the death. Different countries have different rules. There are three types generally of boxing: Amateur (Professional) and Olympic (Olympic).

Amateur boxing usually takes place at school, college and university. This type of boxing allows sparring without protection. Amateur boxing competitions usually last three rounds and last five minutes each. There are many different styles of amateur boxing including Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Wrestling and others.

Professional boxing is usually practiced in gyms, clubs or stadiums. They wear protective equipment such as mouthpiece, nose guard, shin guards, elbow pads, knee pads, waist belt and groin protector. Professional boxing contests last six rounds and last for four minutes each. There are several different styles of professional boxing including Boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and others.

Olympic boxing takes place at the Olympics. International standards dictate that boxers must wear protective gear. The competition lasts eight rounds of three minutes each. There are only two styles of Olympic boxing; Light Flyweight and Heavyweight.

These are the basic skills required to box.

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  • Punching techniques
  • Techniques for protecting yourself
  • Footwork
  • Stance
  • Move your body
  • Defense
  • Combination
  • Rotation
  • Spares

Punching Techniques

There are seven kinds of punches: Left Hook, Right Hook, Uppercut, Cross, Straight, Overhand and Underhand. Each punch is unique. Some punches require more force than others. A strong uppercut for example requires a lot of force. A straight punch on the other side requires less power, but is more effective than other punches.

There are also various punching combinations. These are combinations of punches that work together to achieve a specific goal. One combination can have many parts. For example, a left hook followed by a right cross will cause damage to the opponent’s jaw.

Guard Techniques

A boxer uses his body to protect himself against attacks. He does so by using his arms, elbows and hands as well as his knees, knees and legs.


Boxers must use their legs to defend themselves against kicks. He raises his leg when he is hit with a kick and then moves away from the opponent. To avoid being kicked on his side, he will bend his knees if the attack is from the front. If the attack is from the side, he will bend his knees to avoid being kicked on the side.


Elbow strikes are very effective because they inflict much pain. An elbow strike can be delivered either directly or indirectly. Directly means that you hit your opponent with your forearm while indirectly means that you hit him with another part of your arm.

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Boxers use the power of their hands to block any incoming blows. They raise their fists high above their heads and point them in the direction of an attack. The attacker’s fist is then in their face.


When receiving a blow to the stomach, abdomen or chest, a boxer should bend his knees to absorb the impact. Knee strikes can be used to defend yourself.


If he is being attacked, a boxer must take a step back and counter-attack. This will help him gain distance from his opponent. A boxer must also maintain his balance when responding to an opponent’s counter-attack.


A boxer must have a stance in order to be effective at boxing. The way he defends himself will be determined by his stance. It dictates how he places his body and faces his opponent. Boxers can take many different stances. Here are some of the more popular ones:

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  • Low stance
  • High stance
  • Southpaw stance
  • Western stance

Moving your body

To win a fight, a fighter must move around the opponent. This includes changing speed, position and rhythm.


To increase his punching power, a boxer rotates when he throws a punch. Different types of punches require different speeds for the rotation.


The timing of each punch will determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a combination. A combination that works well starts with strong punches and ends with weak ones is a winning combination.


Sparring is a practice session designed to improve boxing skills . Sparring is a training session that helps a boxer train his mind and body. Sparring, in conclusion, is about learning how to fight and not getting hurt.

To sum it all, boxing requires patience and dedication. You need to train hard and long in order to become a better boxer.

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