Conor McGregor says Floyd Mayweather earns NOTHING outside the ring as he hits back at claims rival has triple his cash

CONOR McGREGOR has taken a shot at rival Floyd Mayweather saying he earns NOTHING outside of the boxing ring.

The Irishman responded to a Twitter user who claimed Mayweather has triple the amount of money he will ever have.

Mayweather vs McGregor sold 4.3m PPVs
Mayweather beat UFC megastar McGregor

Money man Floyd showering McGregor in cash

The Twitter user teased McGregor saying: “Floyd Mayweather has triple the money you’ll ever have pal.”

McGregor, not so amused, responding calling them a “silly fool” whilst claiming Mayweather has no income outside the boxing ring.

He replied: “Lol no he doesn’t you silly fool. He doesn’t make a dime outside of the ring.”

The 33-year-old’s comments sparked debate underneath his tweet.

One responded: “According to Forbes, Floyd has 450million and Conor has 200 Million.

“So actually Floyd doesn’t have triple what Conor does but it’s damn near triple.”


A fan backing McGregor’s corner hit back claiming Mayweather is “burning through his money”, whilst McGregor’s net worth is “increasingly rapidly”.

They said: “Floyd is burning through his money while Conor’s net worth is increasing rapidly.

“I think it won’t be long before Conor is the one with more money.”

Former McGregor rival Nate Diaz has claimed credit for the swathe of big fights in boxing over the last four years – including Mayweather’s big-money clash with McGregor.

And took aim at YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul who have dabbled in the boxing industry and been very successful so far.

Jake is looking to make a professional career for himself and has a perfect record of three wins by way of knockout, and no losses.

He fights former UFC champ Tyron Woodley on August 30.

And his older brother Logan fought Mayweather in an exhibition bout back in June, holding his own throughout all eight rounds.

On the fifth anniversary of his epic rematch with The Notorious, UFC fan favourite Diaz has claimed he should be the one credited for the sport’s recent detour.

The youngest Diaz brother wrote on Instagram: “The start of the super-fight era.

“You’re welcome Floyd, the Paul sisters and YouTubers around the world.

Jake Paul entered elite company

“It’s a new day and age I told you I was changing the game @arielhelwani.

“I might not get the credit, but I’ll take the motherf***in’ credit.

“Don’t forget before I fought Conor I was the biggest name he ever fought too.”


Mayweather showing off his cash

McGregor and his collection of luxury cars

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