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Conor McGregor’s ex-opponent Eddie Alvarez reveals he listened to UFC legend’s ringside advice in bare-knuckle fight

, Conor McGregor’s ex-opponent Eddie Alvarez reveals he listened to UFC legend’s ringside advice in bare-knuckle fight

EDDIE ALVAREZ revealed he listened to old rival Conor McGregor’s advice during his bare-knuckle fight with Chad Mendes.

McGregor was a shock guest at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s event in Denver, which featured two of his ex-opponents.

Chad Mendes, left, was beaten by Eddie Alvarez

Conor McGregor was ringside for the fight

And it was Alvarez, 39, who emerged with a split-decision win over Mendes, 37, following a series of knockdowns from both.

At one point in the bout, the former UFC lightweight champion listened to the call of McGregor, who cried out for an uppercut.

And after landing the shot, Alvarez pointed at the Irishman in acknowledgement.

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He later said on The MMA Hour: “He was yelling for uppercut, and I was kind of recognising that Chad was hitching, he was doing a little hitch before he came under, and Conor picked it up and then he was mentioning it as soon as he was against the [ropes].

“As soon as he yelled uppercut, I was like, ‘I see it,’ and then I landed it and I was like, ‘Good call.’

“It was a good moment. He recognised it, I recognised it, and I think that was that.”

McGregor, 34, knocked out Alvarez in 2016 to win the lightweight belt in 2016, his last title fight victory.

One year earlier, he recorded the same second-round stoppage against Mendes for the interim featherweight strap.


So when he rocked up in support of the pair, McGregor’s loyalty was split.

Alvarez said: “Someone said he was yelling s*** for Chad too.

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“I don’t think he had a horse in the race, I think he just wanted to see a good fight and he was just recognising some things that were going wrong and he was trying to coach guys.

“For him, he’s a winner already. He beat both of us. He shows up with his f*****g whiskey, rich and doing nice s***, and good, I wish the best for everyone in this sport.

“It’s a very difficult life, it’s very difficult to make money, and when he’s done what he’s done for himself and for the sport and for his family, I’m all for it.

“I have no animosity to any of my opponents. We’re all in this crazy, uncertain life journey. It’s difficult, and if you can do what he did, I’m all for you.”

, Conor McGregor’s ex-opponent Eddie Alvarez reveals he listened to UFC legend’s ringside advice in bare-knuckle fight
Both fighters lost to Conor McGregor in their UFC careers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport where two people try to knock out each other by hitting them in their head and faces. Boxing is about hitting an opponent as hard possible, without inflicting any injuries. To achieve this, both boxers should be able to throw punches with high velocity. They also need to have good hand-eye coordination.

What are the benefits to learning how to box?

Here are some reasons to learn boxing:

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  • It builds confidence. Boxing will teach you how to deal with bullies and other bullies.
  • It improves your overall health. Boxing builds muscle mass. Muscle mass can make you stronger.
  • It teaches you self-defense skills. If you know how to fight, then you will be able to protect your self.
  • It develops your mental toughness. Mental toughness is vital when facing difficult situations.
  • This gives you an incredible sense of achievement. You’ll feel like a true boxer once you master a technique.
  • It’s fun! Nothing is more fun than being punched in a stomach.
  • It’s cheap. All you need to do is get a pair or boxing gloves.
  • It doesn’t require much space

What is the best way to learn boxing without fighting?

You can’t train boxing without fighting. It is important to put in the effort to improve your boxing. If you put in the work, you will see improvements in your boxing technique, speed and endurance as well as strength and stamina.

Watching good boxers fight is the first step to improving your boxing technique. Pay attention to how they move and throw punches. Also, observe how they defend themselves. You can then try to imitate them.

Next, you need to spar with another boxer. This is where your ability to improve your boxing technique will be revealed. You’ll notice how fast and strong you punch, as well as how effective you are at blocking incoming punches, when you spar.

Finally, practice your skills by performing drills. Practice makes perfect, so be patient and persistent.

How do beginner boxers train?

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in existence, but it was only recently that boxing became popular again. Boxing is a sport that involves two fighters fighting each other in a boxing ring. They punch one another until one falls.

It is important to decide if you like boxing before you can start training to become a fighter. You can also watch fights online to see how it feels like hitting someone. Once you have decided that boxing is for you, you can decide what style of fight you prefer.

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How can I improve my defense in fighting?

By learning to fight smart, you can improve the defense of your combative skills. You need to be able to defend yourself from all angles and counterattack if necessary.

If you don’t know the art of fighting, you won’t have the ability to win any fights. You’ll just get beaten up. You’ll just get beat up if you know how fight.

Here are some ways to improve your defense.

  1. Know the origin of your opponent’s attack. This means that you need to pay close attention and observe your opponent’s body language. If he appears nervous, it could indicate that he is about to launch his next attack.
  2. Keep your cool. Don’t panic. Instead, stay focused and relaxed.
  3. Block with the arms of your armour. It is simple and effective to defend yourself from attacks by blocking your arms.
  4. Counterattack. Counterattack.
  5. Fight dirty. Fighting dirty is another method to defend yourself. You can also respond to an opponent’s kicks by kicking them back.


  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (
  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How To

How do you set up a Boxing Gym within your House?

A common question that people ask is how to set up a gym for boxing. People often ask what amount they should spend on equipment, what size space is needed, how many people do they need, etc. There are many factors that can affect the cost of starting your business. Location, type of business and number of employees are all important factors. Most people don’t realize the importance to have good equipment. You can’t start if you don’t have the right equipment. So if you really want to start a boxing gym in your home, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. You will need somewhere to train. Anyplace you can train is fine, whether it’s in your garage, basement, spare or living area. It is only necessary that enough space exists to allow for equipment installation.
  2. You will need at least one punching bag. It is crucial because you will not be able practice punches if you don’t have a punching bag. It can be anything, from a lightweight plastic bag to an expensive leather bag. It should be big enough that you can comfortably carry it. Make sure it’s durable and sturdy so you can use it over the years.
  3. You need a mat. Matting is used to protect floors and walls when practicing kicks. It is usually made of foam rubber. They can be bought online or offline stores.
  4. A bench is necessary. You can use a bench to support your body when you are doing pushups. You can buy them online or in-store. But make sure to choose the right size.
  5. A speedbag is required. Speedbags allow you to make quick hand movements. They can be purchased from online or offline stores. You want to make sure you get a high-quality product that will last.
  6. A headgear will be necessary. You need a headgear to protect your head while sparring. You can purchase it online or in stores. You should ensure that the product you select fits your face well.
  7. Gloves will be necessary. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands when sparring. They can be purchased either online or offline stores. You can choose the pair that best suits you and your style.
  8. A mouthpiece is essential. Mouthpieces are used to protect your teeth during sparring sessions. These mouthpieces can be bought online or in stores. Choose the pair that suits you best.
  9. You need a ring. Rings are used to simulate real fights. You can buy them online or offline. To ensure you aren’t hurt during sparring sessions, make sure it has padding on both ends.
  10. A towel is essential. Towels are used to wipe sweat off after each workout session. They can either be purchased at your local sporting good store or online. You should ensure that they are absorbent and soft.




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