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Deji wants to fight Justin Bieber after Floyd Mayweather on undercard of Jake Paul vs KSI

YOUTUBE star Deji has said a showdown with Justin Bieber would be on his dream fight card.

The 25-year-old brother of KSI takes on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather this weekend in Dubai.

Deji faces Floyd Mayweather in Dubai on Sunday

Deji won his last fight in August after previously losing his first three bouts

Deji is targeting a dream bout with Justin Bieber

And after his epic showdown with Mayweather, 45, Deji has Bieber, 28, in his sights.

He wants the fight against the Canadian musician to feature on the undercard of his brother’s fight against Jake Paul.

KSI and Paul are being lined up for a mega fight in 2023.

Deji himself was to fight on the same night as his brother, with Bieber his ideal opponent.

When asked about his dream boxing card, which included KSI vs Paul, Deji told the Rils & Wils podcast: “Me vs Justin Bieber.”

He added: “That’s a W isn’t it?”

Deji also revealed he wants to see Logan Paul take on Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. .

Superstar artist Bieber has previous boxing experience, and has called out Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise in the past.


Deji lost his first three fights before tasting victory for the first time in August with a win over Fousey.

The 1-3 fighter returns to the ring on Sunday against the undefeated Mayweather.

KSI is due to make his return in the New Year, before a potential mega bout against Paul.

KSI last fought on the same night as Deji in August – beating rapper Swarmz and pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda in the same night.

Paul meanwhile extended his record to 6-0 with victory over UFC legend Anderson Silva last month.

KSI could fight Jake Paul in 2023

Paul boasts a flawless 6-0 boxing record

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