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Deontay Wilder announces return to ring after five months out as he plots path back to heavyweight title

, Deontay Wilder announces return to ring after five months out as he plots path back to heavyweight title

DEONTAY WILDER has announced he’s ready to return to the ring as he bids to become a two-time heavyweight champion.

The former dominant WBC king hasn’t set foot in the ring since his brutal one-punch knockout of old sparring partner Robert Helenius last October.

Deontay Wilder hasn’t set foot inside the ring since knocking out Robert Helenius last October

The American has been enjoying his time out of the ring – spending it with family

, Deontay Wilder announces return to ring after five months out as he plots path back to heavyweight title
But The Bronze bomber is ready to get back in the ring

The Bronze Bomber has used his hiatus to spend time with his family but has once again got the itch to throw heavy leather.

He wrote on Instagram: “I have been enjoying family, life, and all that it brings, but now it’s time to return to the ring.”

The Bronze Bomber’s legion of followers were quick to comment on the announcement.

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One wrote: “Bro already found the next victim.”

Another said: “Let’s gooooooo!!! Victim locked in. Bombzquad!”

And another said: “The king is back! Where his crown at?”

One remarked: “Can’t wait.”

Another chimed in: “NO MORE LOSSES. Victories till the end!”


Wilder’s announcement of his imminent return comes a matter of days after former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou claimed he’s closing in on a showdown with the American.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour, he said: “Yes, we have had the conversation and at this moment, we’re more closer than with anybody else.”

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The Predator said of the potential showdown: I think somebody will take somebody’s head off.

“I would just try [for it] not to be mine. I think that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

Wilder was seemingly set for a clash of former champions with Andy Ruiz Jr.

But the bout was thrown into doubt last month when the IBF ordered former unified champ Ruiz Jr to face Croatian clubber Filip Hrgovic.

A long-awaited grudge match with Anthony Joshua – who will be back in action next month against Jermaine Franklin – has also been mooted.

And AJ promoter Eddie Hearn is seemingly interested in making the bout, which boxing fans have long wanted to see.

Wilder’s reign as WBC heavyweight king came to an end in February 2020 at the hands of Brit Tyson Fury, who stopped him in the seventh round of their Las Vegas rematch.

The Olympic bronze medallist turned in a far better display in their trilogy fight in October 2021 but ultimately suffered an 11th-round KO loss.

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But he got back to winning ways last October with a brutal first-round KO of ‘Nordic Nightmare’ Helenius.

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