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Deontay Wilder Reveals How He Left Drug-Cheat Jarrell Miller Hospitalized

Wilder's Sparring Session Turns Into a Real Fight

Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder has opened up about a heated sparring session with fellow fighter Jarrell Miller, revealing that he left Miller hospitalized. The Bronze Bomber claims that he gave Miller a concussion during the intense encounter in the ring. Both fighters are set to compete on the Day of Reckoning card in Saudi Arabia this Saturday.

Taunting and Animosity

Wilder spoke with Blue Blood Sports TV about his clash with Miller, explaining that Miller constantly taunted him and created a hostile atmosphere. Despite not knowing that Miller was scheduled to spar with him, Wilder was ready for the challenge. He describes the spar as a "real fight" due to the intense animosity between them.

A Concussion and Hospital Visit

Wilder went on to reveal that he has given numerous concussions in the gym, and Miller was no exception. According to Wilder, Miller started talking irrationally and repeating himself after the sparring session. Wilder claims that Miller ended up in the hospital as a result. Wilder also refutes Miller's claim that his cousin took him to the hospital, stating that it was Wilder's team who provided the necessary medical assistance.

Contrasting Careers

While Wilder went on to hold the WBC heavyweight title for five years, Miller's career has been plagued by failed drugs tests. Miller's doping issues cost him a shot at the world title against Anthony Joshua in 2019. The two fighters will now face separate opponents in Saudi Arabia this weekend, with Wilder set to take on Joseph Parker and Miller scheduled to fight Daniel Dubois.