Deontay Wilder’s axed coach feared Bronze Bomber could have had ‘brain issues’ during Tyson Fury loss

DEONTAY WILDER could’ve been dealing with ‘brain issues’ during his stunning loss to Tyson Fury, his former coach Mark Breland believes.

The American’s reign as WBC heavyweight champion came to an emphatic end last February at the hands of The Gypsy King, who put on a career-best performance to record a seventh-round TKO victory.

Tyson Fury ended Deontay Wilder’s reign as WBC heavyweight champion last February
Deontay Wilder’s left ear was gushing with blood during his defeat to Tyson Fury

An aggressive Fury battered Wilder from pillar to post, so much so the American started bleeding from inside his left ear.

And Breland reckons the blood that came out of the Olympian’s auricle could’ve been the sign of a serious issue.

He told World Boxing News: “At that fight, just as many others, we had no cutman because Deontay won’t need it.

“So I’m not a doctor, but I know blood coming out of your ears and dazed eyes could be a brain issue.”

Former WBA welterweight champion Breland was axed by Wilder for mercifully throwing in the towel but has no regrets over his decision.

He added: “Power comes from your legs, and his legs were gone! – So I decided to stop the fight, and I’d do it all again.


Mark Breland (L) has no regrets about throwing in the towel

“I have a son Deontay’s age. I’m not looking to see him go out on his shield. I hope we all stay safe. There are so many bigger issues in the world!”

Since booting Breland out of his camp, Wilder has accused the 57-year-old of spiking his drink before the fight – an allegation which has been vehemently denied.

He said: “Anyone who knows a tiny bit about boxing knows there are tests before and after a fight. So that’s the end of that ludicrous allegation!

“And then there are the gloves. To that, I say that’s the one time I’m glad Jay [Deas, co-manager] treated me like I didn’t matter.

“So he does all the head trainer aspects, the witness for the hand wrapping, the press interviews, everything where a camera is involved – except hand wraps.

“I’m the one responsible for that. I’m not sure if [Deas] knows. In all those years, I can’t recall seeing him do it.

“Now this chapter of my life/book (in the process of being written) has come to an end. Above all, I won’t be talking about it anymore!

“To the ones who know me, I don’t need to say anything. To the ones who don’t, I’m not trying to defend such ridiculous, outlandish allegations.”

Breland launched a scathing attack on Wilder earlier this month, claiming the Olympic bronze medallist’s career in boxing is over.

Wilder has been left saddened by his former coach’s comments, saying: “It’s crazy, bro, it’s crazy.

“Because I had this man around me for so long. Do you know what I’m saying? I had him around my family, around my kids – I fed this dude.

Mark Breland’s decision to throw in the towel cost him his coaching role with Deontay Wilder

“Even when many people thought I outgrew him, many wanted me to fire him but I kept him on board. To hear all these things that he’s saying is crazy.

“It’s like, I was the one who fed you, bro. I was the one who kept you around. He should’ve been gone a long time ago.

“But because of the love that I have – to continue to give you a job and all of that. Even after the fact of all his medical issues that he’s personally going on with himself, I still kept him around.

“For him to betray me and say crazy stuff, man, you know, it is a little hurtful.”

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