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‘Don’t let your imagination run too wild’ – Ebanie Bridges teases fans after posing with OnlyFans star Elle Brooke

EBANIE BRIDGES urged fans not to “let your imagination run too wild” after posing with OnlyFans star Elle Brooke.

The pair train at Mark Tibbs’ gym and recently watched stable-mate Tommy Fletcher win his professional debut at Wembley Arena.

Ebanie Bridges pictured with OnlyFans star Elle Brooke

Elle Brooek trains with world champion Ebanie Bridges

World champion Bridges took a picture with Brooke and captioned it: “Dont let your imagination run too wild boys.”

Brooke is training for her first fight, which was due to be against online rival Astrid Wett on July 16.

But Wett pulled out leaving Brooke searching for a new opponent while continuing to train alongside Bridges.

She told Intu Boxing: “I love Ebanie. Like she has been the nicest person to me from day dot.”

Brooke added: “She’s just a natural teacher and that’s what she wants to do.

“So I feel like with Mark sometimes he coaches professionals, he doesn’t coach amateurs so for her, she really breaks things down so simple for me.”

Bridges, the IBF bantamweight champ, revealed her prior career in teaching has kept her away from starting her own OnlyFans account.

She said on the Best Women’s Boxing Show: “Someone asked me about OnlyFans.

“Not the only reason but one of the biggest reasons I’m not going on OnlyFans and make millions, as I would, is obviously because I want to have the opportunity to go back to teaching.

“Boxing is not that big in Australia so if I was to reside back in Australia I would eventually probably have to go back to teaching.”

Bridges, 35, beat María Cecilia Roman, 39, in her last fight to win the title but is yet to make a defence.

Elle Brooke is training for her first fight

Ebanie Bridges won the IBF bantamweight title in her last fight

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