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Ebanie Bridges reveals why she’s still boxing despite raking in ‘generational wealth’ on her OnlyFans

, Ebanie Bridges reveals why she’s still boxing despite raking in ‘generational wealth’ on her OnlyFans

EBANIE BRIDGES has revealed why she is still boxing despite earning “generational wealth” from her OnlyFans account.

Bridges is the world bantamweight champion, having held the title since March 2022, and has built up an army of adoring fans.

Ebanie Bridges is raking it in from her OnlyFans account

The Aussie star has revealed why she keeps boxing

Bridges turned into a boxing pro in 2019 and won each of her first five fights, and is currently on a four-bout win streak.

The “Blonde Bomber”, 36, successfully defended her belt with an eighth round TKO win over Shannon O’Connell last time out in December.

However, the Aussie suffered a hand injury in that bout and will not be able to spar again until May.

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Fortunately for the star, she has no worries financially due to the success of her subscription OnlyFans account.

But despite that, Bridges is adamant that she has no plans to quit the ring just yet as she revealed what keeps her fighting.

She told TalkSPORT: “You wouldn’t even believe it if I said it. It’s only been ten weeks and I won’t disclose [how much money I’ve earned], but from the second day of launching my OnlyFans I’ve been in the top 0.01 per cent of earners.

“I don’t even know why I’m boxing, probably because I love hitting people.”

Although a number of her fans have signed up to her OnlyFans service, others have criticised the decision – although Bridges remains unfazed by it all.

She added: “It’s like when I first came on the scene and I was weighing-in in lingerie, it’s something different and people can’t handle it, they’re not open minded.

“For me personally I have to do what’s right for me and it’s setting up generational wealth.

“Women’s boxing is not like the men’s, we’re getting there, but why wouldn’t I make money on the side if I can?

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“I think it’s very empowering to do something that people don’t agree with because it’s good to do what’s right for you and I’m hoping I can inspire other women to not give a f*** what other people think and do what’s right for you.

“Don’t care what people say online, I get as many good comments as bad comments, but who are they? How much money are they making? I’m pretty sure if they could make money and do it they would.

“It’s judgemental and I’ve been fighting judgemental people and closed-minded people my whole life and I’ll keep doing it to set an example.”

In 2020, Bridges admitted to having indulged certain fan requests in the pursuit of getting some extra income such as selling dirty training socks.

Bridges has previously been pictured alongside OnlyFans star Elle Brooke, but has also dismissed fan requests for her to copy a celebration of bare-knuckle boxer Tai Emery.

, Ebanie Bridges reveals why she’s still boxing despite raking in ‘generational wealth’ on her OnlyFans
The ‘Blonde Bomber’ is the world bantamweight champion

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