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Ebanie Bridges wows crowd in tiger-print bikini at weigh-in for bout against Bec Connolly at Eddie Hearn’s Fight Camp

EBANIE BRIDGES has once again wowed the crowd at her weigh-in by showing up in a tiger-print bikini.

The Aussie turned heads ahead of her bout against Bec Connolly just months after she stole the headlines for her fight with Shannon Courtenay.

Ebanie Bridges turned heads at her weigh-in for her bout with Bec Connolly
The Aussie donned a tiger-print bikini that had Eddie Hearn avoiding looking directly at her

Much of the feud heading into the 34-year-old’s defeat to the Brit was centred around underwear.

Bridges enjoys weighing in wearing lingerie and believes ’embracing her femininity’ will help bring more eyeballs to women’s boxing.

And the Blonde Bomber was at it again as she sported a skimpy outfit in the build-up to her clash with Connolly at Fight Camp this weekend.


The daring look understandably drew many reactions online, with plenty focusing on promoter Eddie Hearn who was hilariously forced to stare at the ceiling to avoid ogling Bridges.

One commented: “Eddie using absolutely every piece of strength he had to not look.”

Another wrote: “Eddie’s wife has him well warned lol”, while a third added: “Eddie looked at everyone in the room apart from Bridges.”

Even Bridges herself reposted the picture of Hearn at the weigh-in alongside the caption: “Best meme wins!”

Connolly was quizzed about her opponent’s unique pre-fight antics and joked that she will be asking for tips to improve her social media.

She said: “I need to get some tips from her don’t I?

“I’m definitely going to pick her brains after this fight because she’s clearly a hustler and she’s done a really good job of it.

“We’re completely different women in our approach, I’m a complete technophobe and I’ve only just figured out Instagram but I do need that stuff.

“There’s room for everyone in this sport, there is room for everyone so if she’s not your type of fighter just don’t talk about it, there’s no need to get gobby.”

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A post shared by Blonde Bomber ???‍♀️ (@ebanie_bridges)

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A post shared by Blonde Bomber ???‍♀️ (@ebanie_bridges)

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A post shared by Blonde Bomber ???‍♀️ (@ebanie_bridges)

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A post shared by Blonde Bomber ???‍♀️ (@ebanie_bridges)

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