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Elle Brooke shows off her ‘bunda’ in sexy maid outfit as she plans more OnlyFans content with boxing babe Ebanie Bridges

ELLE BROOKE showed off her “bunda” in a maid outfit – as she revealed plans for more OnlyFans content with Ebanie Bridges.

The adult film star-turned celebrity boxer returns to the ring on Saturday against TikToker Faith Ordway.

Elle Brooke showing off her ‘bunda’ in a sexy maid outfit

Ebanie Bridges and Elle Brooke teasing OnlyFans content

But before doing so she gave her fans a cheeky treat by posing in a racy outfit and showing off her bum.

Brooke posted: “The bunda is back!”

The Manchester City fan, 24, made her boxing debut in July, beating ex-Love Islander AJ Bunker, 28.

IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges, 36, was in Brooke’s corner that night after the two blondes struck up a friendship.

They train together and Mark Tibbs’ gym and when they are not sparring each other, they are teasing X-rated OnlyFans content.

Brooke told Boxing Social: “She’s always there for me and it’s so nice.

“I get to work alongside my idol, my literal idol. So I’m so grateful and even this week she’s been so caring and so attentive.

“I adore her and I love her so much.”

Asked about an OnlyFans link up, Brooke responded with a wink: “We already have.”

Ordway, 21, travels from America to make her boxing debut against Brooke and promised to mark it with a knockout.

She said: “Fight prediction, I win by knockout, 100 per cent I’m really feeling the knockout.”

Faith Ordway travels from America to fight Elle Brooke

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