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Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway boxing: UK start time, live stream, how to watch Misfits Boxing 004 fight TONIGHT

ELLE BROOKE is returning to the boxing ring to take on US influencer Faith Ordway TONIGHT in a huge fight.

And the hotly-anticipated bout is on the undercard of KSI’s huge fight against Faze Temper as part of the Misfits Boxing 004 show.

1-0 Elle Brooke is returning to the boxing ring

Brooke is fighting Faith Ordway on Misfits Boxing 004

Onlyfans star Brooke made her boxing debut earlier this year in July, when she beat former Love Islander AJ Bunker.

Brooke was originally scheduled to fight OnlyFans rival Astrid Wett, but Wett pulled out at the last minute with Bunker stepping in.

Brooke is reportedly set to be trained again under IBF world champ Ebanie Bridges for the Ordway bout.

Bridges had previously revealed Brooke has “one of the hardest punches” she has faced inside the ring.

She previously told the Best Womens Boxing Show on Brooke: “This is no word of a lie, she might be one of the hardest punches I’ve actually been in a ring with.”


Brooke is set to train with Ebanie Bridges again

She added: “I’m no word of a lie. She f****** she hits so hard.”

Up next for Brooke is US star Ordway, who has a whopping 4.6m followers on TikTok.

When is Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway?

Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway is taking place on Saturday, January 14.

The big fight is on the undercard of KSI vs Faze Temper at Wembley Arena.

The bout is set to start at 7.45pm approx.

What TV channel and live stream is Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway on?

Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway will broadcast LIVE on DAZN PPV.

The event will cost £11.99 to purchase on top of a monthly £7.99 DAZN subscription.

What is the full Misfits Boxing 004 card?

  • Main event: KSI vs Faze Temper
  • Slim vs Tom Zanetti
  • Anthony Taylor vs Idris Virgo
  • Ryan Taylor vs Swarmz
  • Salt Papi vs Josh Brueckner
  • Joe Fournier vs Anthony Christodoulou
  • Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway

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How to learn to box for exercise

How to box for exercise

Your goal in learning boxing is self-confidence and improvement of your physical fitness. Boxing has become a very popular sport. It involves strength, speed and agility.

Boxing is an excellent way to lose weight and feel great about yourself. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want more.

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Be sure to consider your goals when choosing a program. Also, ensure it fits your lifestyle. Exercises that build muscle mass, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and improve overall well-being are the best.

Consider whether you prefer a beginner or advanced course. Beginner’s programs typically teach fundamental techniques and drills like shadowboxing, sparring and mitt work. Advanced programs offer more variety and more complex movements.

Beginners’ programs generally last around eight weeks and cost less than $100. However, they do not offer guidance on nutrition, weight reduction, injury prevention, or any other aspects of boxing training.

Advanced programs generally last around six months and cost approximately $300. These programs include nutrition advice and stretching routines. In addition, some programs incorporate resistance training (such as lifting weights) and aerobic conditioning (such as running).