Evander Holyfield slams Tyson Fury’s dad John for ‘nonsense’ vow to fight him and Mike Tyson in the same day

BOXING legend Evander Holyfield has launched a blistering attack on Tyson Fury’s dad, John, claiming the outspoken coach ‘doesn’t have a name in boxing’.

Fury, 57, recently declared himself open to fighting former heavyweight champions Holyfield and Mike Tyson on ‘the same night.’

John Fury recently claimed he’d be willing to fight Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson on the same night
Former rivals Holyfield and Tyson recently returned to the ring

The Real Deal has claimed Fury ‘doesn’t have a name in boxing’

Holyfield was left stunned by the comments, which he’s brushed off as a ‘catchy’ way to get attention.

The Real Deal told SunSport: “Well, here’s a guy who doesn’t have a name in boxing and he has a son who has done well.

“It’s no more than it’s catchy and it sounds good.

“But unfortunately I think it’s just an eye-catcher if anybody said that they would fight Mike Tyson and Holyfield on the same day.

“Anybody can say that. I haven’t seen anybody with good sense say that. Why would this guy who is 57, similar age to me, say this?

“Who has he fought in his whole career that allow him to even say that?”


Boxing Hall-of-Famer Holyfield returned to the ring earlier this month for an exhibition bout with ex-UFC light-heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort.

The former undisputed cruiserweight king looked every bit his 58 years as he was blitzed by Brazilian Belfort inside two minutes.

Holyfield fumed at the referee following the stoppage, which he felt was premature.

The 1984 Olympic bronze medallist is hoping to share the ring with The Phenom again, adding: “I’ll fight Vitor Belfort again!

“The fact of the matter is, it was very rude and very wrong for anybody to sit here and try to pump somebody up or try to glorify the way the other person won like he did.

“Anybody who has common sense, who respects the boxing game, would say, ‘You’re going to sit here and try to rob this man of his what this man has done his whole life, you mean to tell me you’d do that?’

“This is not even to disparage Vitor Belfort personally, he’s a fighter he just fights. It wasn’t really his problem.

“I’m talking about my whole thing was I had this opportunity to do what I wanted to and I don’t have a problem with Vitor – he did what he did and that was to fight.

“He suppose to swing, he’s suppose to go for the best, I’m not mad at him at all! I don’t have anything bad to say about him.

“He hit me with his head one time and he stepped on my foot, like I said, which allowed me to fall.

“I guess somebody should have told the referee that he’s not hurt don’t stop the fight.

“But I heard that somebody had told the referee to stop the fight.

“There’s a three-knockdown rule. But did he knock me down? He didn’t.”


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