Ex-NBA star Nate Robinson wants to fight YouTuber KSI if he beats Jake Paul on Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr undercard

NATE ROBINSON wants to settle the beef between Jake Paul and KSI – by beating them BOTH.

The ex-NBA star makes his pro boxing debut on Saturday, on the undercard of Mike Tyson’s comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Nate Robinson makes his boxing debut on Mike Tyson’s undercard
KSI after his win against YouTube rival Logan Paul

He faces YouTuber Paul – who has long rivalled British internet sensation KSI – real name Olajide Olayinka Williams.

But with 36-year-old Robinson planning on another bout after this weekend, he wants to steal a fight with KSI away from Paul.

He told SunSport: “At least one more fight, there’s another YouTuber talking s*** too, KSI. 

“If this goes the way it’s supposed to go hopefully we can get KSI as well. 

“We’ll see how this unfolds but definitely one more for sure.”

Paul made his pro debut in January, wiping out KSI’s close friend ‘AnEsonGib’ in one round.

It came two months after KSI beat Paul’s brother Logan, 25, via split-decision.

As a result, younger sibling Jake, 23, wants to gain revenge, with KSI, 27, awaiting the result of Saturday night.

Robinson, who has not played in the NBA since 2015, is far from familiar with the social media feud between the two.

But he is aware of being slap bang in the middle of it.

Robinson said: “I guess KSI beat his brother, I don’t know, that whole YouTube world I try stay out of it. 

“I guess they have some beef and I’m in the middle of it, and whoever wins, KSI wants to fight. 

“Once I win, and the KSI fight is available, what’s up!” 

Logan and KSI first fought to a draw in their 2018 exhibition.

But for the rematch last November, they controversially turned professional, with world champions boxing on the undercard.

Logan Paul was beaten via split-decision against KSI

Similarly, Robinson’s debut bout against Paul has also raised eyebrows.

And that intensified with the criticism surrounding Tyson, 54, and Jones, 51, coming out out retirement for their pay-per-view spectacle.

But three-time Slam Dunk champion Robinson does not listen to the naysayers – or anyone else for that matter.

He explained: “I haven’t been on social media to see that type of thing.

“And, I’m the type of guy who doesn’t give a s*** what people say or think on the fight or whether we deserve to be on the undercard. 

“These are blessings and we can’t turn it down and an honour to be on the undercard of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. 

Jake Paul made his pro debut in January, wiping out KSI’s close friend ‘AnEsonGib’ in one round

Robinson has not played in the NBA since 2015

“Boxers would die for this opportunity, spend their whole careers so for me to earn the opportunity to fight in front of these guys, it’s an honour or a blessing. 

“I’m taking this seriously, it’s not fun and games, I really want to show them how I’ve put in work.” 

Robinson’s trainer, Francisco ‘Paco’ Reyes, like many others, was initially taken aback by the new wave of outsiders coming over to boxing.

But after experiencing first hand the attraction and new eyes the stars can bring to the sport, he has nothing but support of it.

Reyes said: “It’s good for boxing, it brings a whole new crowd to the game.

“People who probably never really liked boxing could now be into the sport.” 

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