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Ex-Playboy Model Amber Fields Risks Wardrobe Malfunction in Skintight Jumpsuit

Amber Fields,

Former Ring Girl Leaves Fans Gushing Over Her Latest Instagram Post

Former Playboy model and crowd favorite in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Amber Fields, recently posted on Instagram, risking a wardrobe malfunction in a skintight cream-colored jumpsuit. The post featured Amber posing seductively on a couch, teasing cleavage with the zip undone halfway down her top.

Amber Fields: From Pageant Star to Social Media Sensation

With one million followers on Instagram, Amber is no stranger to the limelight. The 28-year-old, who was previously a pageant star, has captured the hearts of fans with her glamorous photoshoots and daring outfits. She even graced the cover of Playboy Denmark in March 2023.

Fans React to Amber's Stunning Photos

Fans couldn't help but gush over Amber's latest post, with one calling her the "most beautiful and sweet woman in the world." Others praised her beauty and figure, with comments like "Gorgeous" and "Goddess bodies." Amber's social media presence continues to grow as she shares glimpses into her life and training to become a boxer.

Amber Fields: A Rising Star in the Fighting World

As Amber navigates her way through the world of fighting and modeling, fans eagerly anticipate her next move. Her fearless attitude and stunning photos have solidified her as a force to be reckoned with both in and out of the ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the equipment I need to get started boxing

You need essential equipment to begin boxing. This is for your safety and training. This includes a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps to protect your wrists and hands, a mouthguard, and headgear if sparring. For better support and movement, it is recommended that you wear boxing shoes as well as comfortable athletic clothing.

How do I protect myself in boxing?

Boxing defense includes a number of techniques. You can use slips, weaves and rolls as well as footwork and maintain distance by using your feet. It is important to master your offensive skills as well as learn these defensive techniques.

What are basic boxing strikes?

The basic boxing punches are the jab and cross. A quick, straight strike is delivered with the front hand.


  • Studies suggest that about 30% of beginner boxers tend to neglect the importance of footwork in their initial training phase.
  • Approximately 80% of boxing injuries occur during training, not in actual competition.
  • Roughly 75% of beginners do not employ adequate defensive tactics in their first sparring sessions.
  • About 25% of people who take up boxing transition to competitive amateur boxing within their first two years of training.
  • On average, beginners who undergo proper boxing training can expect to burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per hour.
  • Nearly 80% of boxing training injuries are related to incorrect technique, especially within the first three months of taking up the sport.
  • Beginner boxers tend to make the mistake of holding their breath in 70% of cases during their initial training sessions.
  • Boxing has one of the lowest rates of injury compared to other contact sports, with approximately 1.1 injuries per 1,000 minutes of athletics.
  • Surveys reveal that close to 40% of new boxers join the sport for self-defense purposes rather than for competition or fitness.
  • Cardiovascular fitness improvements can be seen after just 12 weeks of consistent boxing training.

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How to Improve footwork in Boxing

A good footwork is essential to become a boxing expert. Focus on agility techniques, like ladder exercises or shadowboxing. Keep your balance and learn to pivot and change directions quickly. Consistent practice will improve your balance, coordination, as well as the ability to maintain the right stance on the go.