Floyd Mayweather, 43, teases next fight with raunchy promo video that shows naked women kissing in bathtub

BOXING legend Floyd Mayweather has teased another potential return to the ring in Japan with a raunchy promotional video.

The American champ pocketed an estimated £7.1million after fighting Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo in December 2018.

The raunchy video features two women in a bathtub

Floyd Mayweather has teased a return to Tokyo this year

Mayweather easily knocked him out in the first round and insisted he hadn’t come out of retirement but was there to entertain the fans.

And it appears he has serious plans for Round Two judging by his upload to Instagram.

The lengthy video features naked women in a bathtub, champagne, music, watches, more women, and, of course, serious amounts of cash.

Endorsing his ‘Mayweather Promotions’, among the images of flash cars and poker games are the words: “We are not just an entertainment group.

“We are in high roller business.

“We are the number one promoters in Tokyo.”

It is then signed off with the words: “Tokyo 2020.”

Mayweather founded his company in 2007 and promotes live entertainment including boxing and music.

SunSport exclusively revealed how Mayweather has been in talks to fight in Japan but the coronavirus pandemic is preventing him from flying.

In another recent Instagram post, Mayweather claimed he was travelling to Tokyo to speak with his partners and MMA promoters RIZIN to discuss “something this year”.

Last year RIZIN chief Nobuyuki Sakakibara told SunSport they would welcome Mayweather back, but only if they had a suited opponent.

Mayweather has kept himself in terrific shape during lockdown with sparring partner Denis Douglas revealing his brutal regime.

He told Sky Sports: “When we’re sleeping, he’s working.

“Out of nowhere, he called me at 1am and told me: ‘Come to the gym, I want to spar’.

The video features plenty of parties and champagne

This lady is wearing a ‘TMT’ t-shirt, short for The Money Team

Floyd Mayweather is a huge fan of his timepieces

Mayweather flattened Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018

Floyd Mayweather is planning to make big money in Japan

“I was knocked out asleep. But once he hit me up I told him, ‘I’ll be there right away’.

“I was honoured to get that call. Whether it was at 1am or 4am, I would always go.

“You have to. He is arguably the best ever and definitely the best of my generation.”

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