Floyd Mayweather demands £500m to box Conor McGregor & Khabib and laughs off Irish star’s ‘soft punches’

FLOYD MAYWEATHER has demanded £500million to box Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov – while laughing off the Irishman’s “soft punches.”

Money, 43, revealed he wouldn’t bother dusting of his gloves for anything under £120m.

Mayweather has claimed he would happily fight McGregor again for £250m

Mayweather has also claimed he’d fight Khabib but not for less than £250m

However, the 50-0 American legend – tipped to fight against YouTube star Logan Paul – did claim he would fight UFC duo McGregor and Khabib for £250m apiece.

Mayweather admitted he is keen to fight McGregor again – claiming the Irishman “can’t punch”.

The Las Vegas ace told Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast: “Conor McGregor can’t punch. He can’t punch.

“I was having fun… I was like, ‘ah this dude punches so soft, it’s cool.

“I didn’t take no punches, I still got my facilities…

“So why would I go out there and fight these young fighters – these young lions – and risk my health.

“You look at my uncle Roger, you look at Muhammad Ali, you look at them fighters…

“I just say: your health is your wealth.

“So as far as me going out there competing against a guy like Conor McGregor, oh absolutely.”

Speaking on fighting McGregor again – or taking on Khabib – Mayweather claimed: “150 million [dollars]? Not enough.

“Absolutely not, my health is more important… you give me 300 million [dollars], absolutely.

“See, you have to make it make sense, I need to have my facilities also, still be sharp, be able to be agile, hang out with my kids, make smart investments…

“All those things are very important and play a major part in my life.

“So, ‘you need to fight this guy, you need to fight that guy,’ listen, they’re called eras for a reason.

“I had my time, I had my era, so it’s these young fighters’ era now.

“But it’s OK for me to go fight a Khabib or a Conor and pick up – with those two fights alone I could pick up 600 million [dollars]. So that don’t hurt.”

When told McGregor claimed he knows what he did wrong in the first fight, Floyd said: “He knows what he did wrong, he know what he did right.

“What he did wrong was get in the ring with me, what he did right was get in the ring with me because he got a big payday.

When asked if he has had any conversations with McGregor, Mayweather concluded: “No, I don’t like him at all.”

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