Glamourous boxer Ebanie Bridges sells smelly SOCKS to fan for £500 and jokes ‘Who needs OnlyFans?’

BOXER Ebanie Bridges has revealed that she sold a pair of her smelly gym socks to a desperate Brit for £500!

The unbeaten Australian described UK boxing fans as “the best” after flogging the dirty clothes following a recent training camp.

An Australian boxer has revealed that she sold her socks to a British fan

Ebanie Bridges joked that UK fans were the best after charging £500 for her smelly socks

The high school maths teacher, nicknamed the “Blonde Bomber”, admitted that there were “so many weirdos” on social media.

She tweeted: “I’m a professional boxer and a UK boxing fan has just paid me £500 to send my dirty training socks to him in the UK.

“UK boxing fans are the best. Who needs OnlyFans when you have dirty socks.”

Bridges had an impressive amateur career before turning pro in February 2019.

She has since won all four of her professional fights and claimed she is happy to receive money from fans because lockdown has thrown her main career into turmoil.

Bridges added: “The weird thing is, I get way more sock requests than undies.

“So f***ing strange. It’s a bargain if you ask me. I was disappointed they didn’t want me to sign them.

“There aren’t fights at the moment. Got to make coin somehow. I have a request inbox full of people interested in dirty socks, sweaty training gear and nude foot photos.”

Bridges recently opened up on pressure to prove herself as a boxer before embracing her glamorous looks.

She wrote on Instagram: “I’ll be the first to admit that when I got into boxing I wanted people to see I can fight and not judge me by looks.

“I’ve felt like I’ve always had to prove myself but the more I’ve grown in the sport and met others around the world, the more I’ve realized it doesn’t really matter.

“I have no problem or shame in embracing my looks and my personality, swearwords and all. Deep down I know I can fight and I know who I am.

“I love who I am and I wouldn’t want to hide my personality or change who I am just because I might be portrayed a certain way to people I couldn’t give two f***s about.”

 Ebanie Bridges has won all four of her professional fights.

Bridges has won all four of her professional fights
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