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How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS stateside

, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS stateside

MOST couples leaving Love Island find the only thing shorter than their new careers is their romance.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague are the exception to the rule and are now set to break America, earning millions in the process as they cement their place as the Posh and Becks for the Instagram generation.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are poised to become a global power couple

Tommy poses with his belt after defeating Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia

, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS statesideMolly-Mae with new arrival, baby Bambi

, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS statesidePower couple Molly-Mae and Tommy’s earnings

The power couple, both 23 years old, met on the ITV2 show in 2019 and were reportedly worth £7million before Tommy took to the boxing ring against Jake Paul on Sunday night.

Now, thanks to his victory against the American YouTuber in Saudi Arabia earning him a fanbase beyond the UK, PR experts believe Tommy will only see his earning power grow, with the help of super-influencer Molly-Mae.

The Manchester-born boxer is reportedly set to receive a £1.6million purse from his victory against Jake – as well as 35 per cent of the pay-per-view money, taking his earnings up to at least £3.7million for the fight.

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Experts have predicted he’ll earn £10million by 2025, and that both Molly-Mae and Tommy will use this exposure in the States to break America.

PR Expert Jack Cooper, from Ed Hopkins PR, told us: “In terms of Tommy’s career, this was a huge step for him not only in terms of boxing but overall exposure for his brand.

“He could certainly now be commanding up to six figures for a multi platform campaign, depending on the brand.”

Meanwhile, Molly-Mae is already the highest paid Love Island star of all time, earning £4.8m a year for her role as creative director for Pretty Little Thing as well as £2million more from sponsored posts and her fake tan Filter brand.

And with the birth of their first child Bambi last month, she is already eyeing a move into the lucrative “mumfluencer” sphere.

Of all the couples to meet on Love Island, it is these two who have managed to monetise their profiles so effectively.

Savvy Molly-Mae, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, candidly described her decision to appear on the show as a “business move.”

Already an established influencer before she entered the villa, she claimed that she wasn’t “bothered” if she found love or not.

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While she did end up falling for Tommy, and establishing one of the most enduring relationships to come out of the show, the couple only finished second.

But her plan to boost her profile worked, and brands were queuing up to partner with her.

The blonde star has spoken of how she shunned a £2million offer from a well-known high street brand because she didn’t wear their clothing, choosing to instead partner with Pretty Little Thing, the fast fashion giant.

Two years later, they rewarded her loyalty by making her creative director.

Ben Jeffries, CEO of Influencer, explained: “Influencer marketing is built on trust and authenticity, and it is incredibly transparent to followers when a brand partnership isn’t authentic.”

Molly-Mae hammers home her “authenticity” with her enormously popular YouTube vlogs, in which she shares the details of her life, from driving to pick up Starbucks to going to the cinema with Tommy.

Her most recent vlog, about the birth of baby Bambi, in which Molly-Mae reveals she pooed while giving birth, had 2.2million views.

Tommy, who makes frequent appearences on Molly-Mae’s social channels, was a boxer before going into Love Island, although very much in the shadow of his heavyweight champion brother Tyson Fury.

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While brand work also poured in for him, Tommy chose to remain focused on sport but it has enabled him to reach an audience beyond the confines of UK reality TV.

‘Sexy, engaging couple’

Culture expert Nick Ede agrees: “I think that Molly-Mae could really do well in the USA with Tommy by her side.

“Her fabulous life is great fun and her social media is engaging.

“Breaking the USA will always be hard for anyone.

“But Molly-Mae and Tommy are a sexy, engaging couple.”

Key to their success is that the couple see nearly everything in their life as content that can be monetised.

Despite a terrifying break in at their Manchester apartment in 2021, in which thieves made off with £800,000 worth of items Molly had flaunted online, she wasn’t put off sharing the details of the Cheshire mansion she and Tommy bought last year.

Her Instagram account Molly Maison documents the interior design and renovation of the £4million six-bedroom home, with the likes of England footballers Marcus Rashford, 25, and Jordan Pickford, 28, as neighbours.

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Announcing the beginning of her “new chapter” to her Instagram followers, she wrote: “I know a lot of you won’t have been expecting me to do a home account as I have become a lot more private about what I post of our home life.

“However, having a home account is something that I have always dreamed of doing.”

The account has 1.2million followers and opened up a new revenue stream from partnerships with home brands.

And it seems the couple may have their eye on using daughter Bambi to earn even more dosh, too.

SE has seen new documents filed to Companies House indicating she is undergoing a total overhaul of her portfolio, which will allow her to consider new brand opportunities.

A source said: “Molly has top level advisers around her and is able to draw on their expertise.

“She’s streamlining her businesses under the one name which will allow her to explore other avenues without setting up new firms.

“It makes total sense as she begins to explore options around her new ‘mumpreneur’ image since she had Bambi.”

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, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS stateside
Tommy and Molly met on ITV’s Love Island in 2019

, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS statesideMolly-Mae shows off her curves in a bikini in Ibiza

, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS stateside
Tommy and Jake fight on Sunday night

, How Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae have become America’s favourite new reality TV couple – and will make MILLIONS stateside
Champ and brother Tyson cheers Tommy’s win

Nick Ede believes the couple may have chosen their daughter’s unique name for strong branding.

He said: “Her daughter’s name Bambi is brilliant and can be used from a brand point of view.

“It’s fun and unique and also has a place in everyone’s childhood memories from the Disney film.”

Nick predicts that Molly-Mae will follow in the footsteps of Towie’s Billie Faiers and Ferne McCann, as well as Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon, by designing baby clothes for PrettyLittleThing.

He said: “I can see Molly-Mae jumping on this bandwagon and appealing to her millions of fans by creating a baby-wear line.”

Tommy faced online criticism throughout Molly-Mae’s pregnancy, as well as since Bambi was born, due to the fact he left his partner and new child in favour of training for his fight against Jake.

In fact, he was so focused on beating Logan Paul’s brother that he moved out of their mansion and into a “hellhole” apartment.

Before the fight, he told Sky Sports: “I’m in a training camp. I’m in bed nine o’clock every single night, I’m up 4.30/5am running. Solely focussed on this man.

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“One man is flying around the globe, coming here to do media stuff going here, there and everywhere and you’ve got one man that’s living in a hellhole.

“I’ve moved out of my own house, I’m living in a little apartment, I’ve gone back to the dog mindset.”

However, he proved his love for his daughter by wearing a jacket and shorts emblazoned with ‘Bambi’ when he entered the ring, while Molly-Mae sent supportive messages from home.

Jack Cooper says the next move for Tommy should be to work with a “top-tier athletic brand” like Gymshark or MyProtein, and release a gymwear range for men.

He adds: “I’m sure the likes of Nike, Adidas are very much having internal talks.

“I think this could be a huge move for him and could be a multi million pound deal.”

But whatever happens for the couple, there’s no doubt they’re on their way to the big leagues, as they build Brand Hague-Fury.

He finishes: “Together, as a couple, the opportunities are endless, from male and female clothing ranges, a homeware brand, to now even a baby brand.

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“With the status of online presence and combined following as well as winning over the nation and not making any wrong moves since leaving the villa, this power couple are definitely on their way to the rich list.”

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