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I embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight but the footage will NEVER be released

, I embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight but the footage will NEVER be released

PAULIE MALIGNAGGI claimed he embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring – which is why he believes the full footage will never be released.

The feud between the two started in the build up to McGregor’s lucrative crossover boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

Conor McGregor in sparring with Paulie Malignaggi in 2017

The sparring sessions caused a feud between the two

, I embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight but the footage will NEVER be releasedPaulie Malignaggi would storm out of Conor McGregor’s camp

Malignaggi ripped into the Irishman’s chances, which resulted in him being offered the chance to join the UFC superstar’s camp.

The former world champion boxer sparred twice, but after leaked images and footage emerged, he stormed out of the camp.

One clip included Malignaggi being put down, which the American argued was caused by a push not a punch.

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It has kept the rivalry alive to this day with no sign of the full sparring sessions ever being revealed.

Malignaggi, 42, told Betway: “I give Conor credit because he also knows his fanbase has a very low IQ.

“He knows he can play them if he wants to – and he does.  So I don’t think we will ever get the real footage of the spar.

“I actually know you’ll never get the real footage because the real footage embarrasses Conor.

“So you’ll probably still continue to have these opinions of it.”


Malignaggi – retired from boxing during the spars – later lost to McGregor’s ex-training partner Artem Lobov, 36, in a bare-knuckle bout.

Meanwhile McGregor, 34, was beaten by Mayweather, 46, in ten rounds of what was his pro boxing debut.

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And after sharing the ring with him, Malignaggi knew the result was inevitable ahead of time.

He said: “Coming out of that spar I thought this has got to be the biggest money heist in the history of money.

“This guy is so terrible and he’s going to fight Mayweather, probably the best boxer in the history of the sport.

“Even though he’s retired, Mayweather is going to beat this guy with his eyes closed. And that’s basically how it went. He played with them.”

, I embarrassed Conor McGregor in sparring ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight but the footage will NEVER be releasedFloyd Mayweathe beat Conor McGregor in 2017

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There are many online places where you can purchase boxing equipment. Some of these include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and Sports Authority. Ross and TJ Maxx, which sell cheap boxing gear are good options.

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What are the advantages of learning to box

If you want to learn how to box, then you should consider the following reasons:

  • It builds confidence. Boxing will teach you how to deal with bullies and other bullies.
  • It improves your physical and mental health. Boxing can help build muscle mass. Muscle mass will make you stronger.
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  • It improves your mental toughness. Mental toughness is important when you’re facing challenges.
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  • It’s fun! Nothing is more fun than being punched in a stomach.
  • It’s cheap. It only takes a pair if boxing gloves, and a punchingbag.
  • It doesn’t require much space

What are the seven punches in boxing

The seven punches used in boxing include the jab (cross), hook, uppercut; straight right; left hook; and body shot. These punches attack the opponent’s head or body.

Can you learn to box?

You can box if you want. All you have to do is find a nearby boxing club and join a class. Although most gyms offer free classes to their members, it is possible to search Google for other local boxing clubs.

You will also need gloves, mouthpieces and headgear to sparring with your partners. Once you have this equipment, it’s time to start practicing your kicks.

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  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How do you set up a Boxing Gym within your House?

Many people are curious about how to start a boxing business. Many people are curious about how much equipment they should purchase, what type of space they need, and how many employees they will require. There are many variables that influence the cost of starting a new business. These include where you are located, how many employees you have, the marketing budget and competition. The importance of having quality equipment is something that many people forget. You cannot begin if you don’t own the right equipment. Here are some tips for setting up a boxing school in your home.

  1. You need a place where you can train. A garage, basement, spare room or even the living room would work just fine. Only thing is that the equipment must have enough space.
  2. A punching bag is essential. This is important as you won’t learn how to punch without one. You can use anything, from a plastic bag to a heavy-duty leather bag. It should be big enough that you can comfortably carry it. You will also want it to last for many years.
  3. You will need a mat. Matting is used to protect floors or walls while practicing kicks. It is usually made out of foam rubber. These products can be ordered online or offline.
  4. A bench is a must. The bench can be used to support the body during pushups. You can buy them online or in-store. But make sure to choose the right size.
  5. Speedbags are essential. Speedbags can be used to improve hand movement speed. They can be purchased from online or offline stores. Buy quality products that will last a long time.
  6. A headgear will be necessary. You need a headgear to protect your head while sparring. It can be bought online or in-store. You should ensure that the product you select fits your face well.
  7. Gloves will be necessary. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands when sparring. They can be purchased either online or offline stores. Choose a pair that suits your needs and style.
  8. A mouthpiece is essential. Mouthpieces can be used to protect your smile during sparring sessions. These can be purchased online or in-store. Choose the right pair for you.
  9. Rings are essential. Rings are used to simulate real fights. You can purchase them either online or offline. It should have padding on both sides, so you don’t get hurt during sparring.
  10. You will need to have a towel. To wipe off sweat after any workout, you will need to use towels. You can find them at your local sporting goods shop or online. Be sure they are soft, absorbent, and comfortable.




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