‘I will beat him’ – Jake Paul says fight with UFC star Conor McGregor could ‘one hundred percent’ happen in two years

JAKE PAUL believes he will ‘one hundred percent’ fight Conor McGregor within two years time.

The YouTube sensation has long called to face McGregor and even had a $50million offer on the table in 2020.

Jake Paul believes he will ‘one hundred percent’ fight Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor has been called out by Jake Paul

Despite that, McGregor has appeared uninterested in the lucrative boxing bout and has barley even acknowledged Paul, who is 4-0 as a boxer.

But the social media influencer is adamant they will one day share the ring, as he continues to gain more experience and respect in the sport.

Paul told Bleacher Report: “I will fight everybody. This started with me calling out McGregor.

“And people were like ‘this kids crazy, Conor will kill him’. But now this fight could happen within the next 24 months one hundred percent.

“I will beat him, people are seeing how serious I am being about this and are changing the way they think about it.”

Paul’s first two wins were against online rival ‘AnEsonGib’ and then ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 37.

But then he set his sights on rivalling the UFC, as he knocked out retired welterweight Ben Askren, 37, in April.

And he returned in August to beat ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley, 39, over eight rounds.

Attempts to prize McGregor, 33, beaten by Floyd Mayweather, 44, on his boxing debut in 2017, have proven unsuccessful.

Instead, Paul fights Tommy Fury, 22, the brother to heavyweight champion Tyson, on December 18 in Florida.

And he claimed the Gypsy King is just one of several boxing icons to have supported his polarising splash in the sport.

Paul said: “I’m the best thing that’s happened to boxing in a century – period.

“The legends would agree – the Anthony Joshuas, the Mike Tysons, the Manny Pacquiaos, the Tyson Furys.

“They’ve all said what I’m doing for boxing is a breath of fresh air. “I think that debate started about a year ago – is Jake Paul good for boxing?

“I have silenced that, and I don’t think there’s anybody on the other side of the equation who thinks I’m bad for boxing.”

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