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‘I wouldn’t even be surprised’ -Tyson Fury could fight Anthony Joshua INSTEAD of Oleksandr Usyk, Eddie Hearn says

, ‘I wouldn’t even be surprised’ -Tyson Fury could fight Anthony Joshua INSTEAD of Oleksandr Usyk, Eddie Hearn says

EDDIE HEARN warned not to rule out Tyson Fury fighting Anthony Joshua INSTEAD of Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury, who returns against Derek Chisora on December 3, is already in talks for a historic undisputed super-fight with Usyk next year.

Anthony Joshua is set to return in 2023

Tyson Fury returns against Derek Chisora on December 3

But he said it would be a “travesty” if he never fought AJ and admitted he could not retire without fighting him.

Although in trademark style, Fury made a U-turn and claimed he had no interest in facing Joshua, who he called a “coward”.

Hearn was quick to point out the contradiction and believes the pair of heavyweights can still fight, possibly sooner than most think.

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He told iFL TV: “Two or three days ago, he said he couldn’t retire unless he fought AJ, and he needs that fight badly.

“You’re seeing now from the social media responses people are starting to come to terms with it doesn’t make sense what he’s saying.

“Let him go on. Maybe he fights AJ instead of Usyk? I wouldn’t even be surprised.

“That fight is so big with AJ that sometimes you just get together, and you make the fight instantly.

“I think Fury wants legacy, and he knows the AJ fight is legacy because it’s the biggest fight of all time.


“And despite him maybe saying that he doesn’t rate Anthony Joshua, he does, and he knows it’s a real fight and we have to see that fight.

“But you’ve also got the Usyk fight. You have Chisora coming up. We’ll see what happens.”

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Fury, 34, faces Chisora, 38, the man he beat in 2011 and 2014 in a trilogy bout after talks with AJ collapsed.

Joshua, 33, is instead set to return next year following a break after two straight points losses to Usyk, 35.

The Ukrainian is also ruled out until next year but negotiations for a first four-belt heavyweight unification in Saudi Arabia is already underway.

It leaves AJ frozen out of the title picture for now, but Hearn wants to see the two-time champion fight as many as three times in 2023.

He said: “For me, AJ should be fighting three times a year every year.

“But, because of his commercial responsibilities, because of the size of his events, sometimes it ends up being two.

“And then with Covid, sometimes it’s one. So we must make sure that 2023 sees him box three times. It’s really important, and the activity is key.”

, ‘I wouldn’t even be surprised’ -Tyson Fury could fight Anthony Joshua INSTEAD of Oleksandr Usyk, Eddie Hearn saysAnthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boxing?

Boxing is an intense sport in which two people attempt to knock their opponent out by hitting them in both the head or face. The object of boxing is to hit an opponent as hard as possible without hurting yourself. To achieve this, both boxers should be able to throw punches with high velocity. They must also have good hand eye coordination.

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How to throw the jab

This guide will show you how to throw a jab.

  1. Step forward with both feet.
  2. Arrest your arm high above your shoulder.
  3. Place your fist on the target.
  4. After hitting your target arm, lift your arm up.
  5. Steps 1 through 4 can be repeated.

What are some ways I can improve my combat defense?

It is possible to improve your defensive capabilities by learning how smart you fight. You need to know how defense against attacks from every angle is possible, as well how to counterattack in case of emergency.

If you don’t know how to fight, then you won’t be prepared for anything. You’ll just get beaten up. But if you do know how to fight, you’ll be ready for whatever comes at you.

Here are some tips to improve your defense.

  1. Be aware of where your opponent is attacking. This means you need to be attentive to your opponent’s body language. You should pay attention to his body language. If he seems nervous, that could be an indication of his next attack.
  2. Remain calm. Don’t panic. Instead, keep calm and be focused.
  3. Block with your arms. It is simple and effective to defend yourself from attacks by blocking your arms.
  4. Counterattack. You should immediately counterattack your opponent if they are attacking you.
  5. Fight dirty. Fight dirty. If you are being kicked by your opponent, you can respond by kick him back.

How long does it take you to learn how to box?

Boxing can be considered one of the oldest and most well-known martial arts. China recorded the first boxing match in 2200 BC. Boxing has been practiced for thousands of years. Athletes and celebrities still love boxing. However, it takes around 10 to learn how to box.

Boxing involves many movements, which is why it can take so long to learn. Each movement requires a specific set of muscles to work properly. It takes time to train these muscles.

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You can learn how to move your body and then you can begin practicing any type boxing technique. And over time, you’ll become more skilled at each technique.

Where can I find boxing equipment?

You can purchase boxing equipment online from many places. Amazon, eBay. Walmart. Target. and Sports Authority are just a few of the many places you can buy boxing equipment online. Ross and TJ Maxx offer great deals on boxing gear at a fraction of the cost.

You might consider purchasing quality gear from respected brands such as Warrior, Golden Glove and Premier Boxing Champions if you are looking for high-quality boxing gear.

How much weight can I lift during a workout?

If you are looking to increase your strength, weight lifting is a must. Lifting weights should be done with care. Don’t do it too often. Aim to lift heavierweights every other days. Third, complete each exercise 8 times. Fourth, take a break between sets for 2 minutes. Fifth, you can do all the exercises without using momentum. And finally, focus on form rather than speed.

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  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (
  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How To

How to learn how to box for fitness

How to Learn to Box for Exercise

Learning boxing will help you improve your self-confidence and physical fitness. Boxing is one the most loved sports in the world. It involves strength, speed and agility.

Boxing can be a great exercise and a way to improve your self-esteem. You’ll love the activity and want to continue it.

There are many different types of boxing training programs available. Some programs are offered at local gyms and others at your home. There are also online courses which allow you to study from anywhere in the world.

Be sure to consider your goals when choosing a program. Also, ensure it fits your lifestyle. The best programs focus on exercises that increase muscle mass, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. They also promote overall well being.

It’s important to decide whether you prefer a beginner-level course or one that is more advanced. Beginner’s courses usually cover basic techniques such as shadowboxing or sparring, mittwork and punching combinations. Advanced programs usually cover more complicated movements and offer more options.

The beginner’s program usually lasts around 8 weeks and costs less than $100. They don’t offer any advice on nutrition, weight loss or injury prevention.

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Advanced programs typically last six months and cost around $300. They may include nutritional advice, stretching, warm-up exercises and instruction on proper technique. Some programs include resistance training such as lifting weights and aerobic conditioning such as running.




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