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Inside boxer Kell Brook’s controversies from snorting white powder to racist slur claims

, Inside boxer Kell Brook’s controversies from snorting white powder to racist slur claims

BOXER Kell Brook yesterday apologised after a video emerged of him snorting a white powder.

Footage showed Brook, 36, bending over a glass-topped table with the powder heaped next to a plastic “wrap”.

Boxer Kell Brook was filmed snorting a line of white powder in a party at his home

Footage shows him snorting the substance through a roll-up from a glass coffee table

, Inside boxer Kell Brook’s controversies from snorting white powder to racist slur claimsKell then appears worse for wears as he shadow boxes in front of a framed picture of him on the wall

, Inside boxer Kell Brook’s controversies from snorting white powder to racist slur claims
The former world champion has apologised

The former world champion, nicknamed Special K, mumbled “nice” before appearing the worse for wear as he shadow boxed in front of a framed portrait of himself.

His manager Terry Thompson insisted the video, obtained by SE on Sunday, was “a joke”.

Brook wore a T-shirt featuring boxing legend Joe Louis at the Sheffield party.

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A source said: “He had a bit of a gathering at his house where people were drinking spirits and smoking.

“He was snorting white powder.”

Wife Lindsey, 35, who was often seen in the ring after his fights, and their three children were believed to be away.

But yesterday he apologised to his friends and family and promised to get help.

He said: “It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health & I’m finding retirement really hard.

“I’m actively seeking the help I need to get me on the right path. Again I apologise for the hurt I’ve caused.”

Manager Mr Thompson said of the party clip: “This is a thing that has sort of got out of hand.

“They were at his house, they were having a laugh. They were joking about things.”

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Boxing rival Amir Khan previously accused Brook of having a “lifestyle of partying and drinking and everything else”.

And in 2012 he wrote on Twitter: “I’ve heard things about Kell Brook.

“He’s been seen taking cocaine.

“Boxing is a professional sport for those who have discipline and respect.”

Brook announced his retirement in May after winning 40 of 43 professional fights.

But he said recently he would return to the ring for the right offer.

SE on Sunday’s source said: “Kell seems a bit lost without boxing, and it seems like it would be better for him if he made a comeback.

“He seems to be surrounded by the wrong people, who are not a good influence on him.”

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Last year he denied making a racist comment while Amir Khan denied making a homophobic comment at their pre-fight news conference.

Khan, born to Pakistani parents, said comments Brook previously made about him having a “poppadom chin” had racial connotations.

He said: “His excuse was not good enough. It should not be said. Things like that should not be said. This is a sport and we have to respect each other.

“Before the fight we don’t get on, we don’t respect each other, but come fight night that will be the time when we will see who the better fighter is but before anything like that when race gets involved it just messes things up and I’m quite upset he came out with that comment.”

Brook denied being racist and said he just wanted to comment on how brittle his chin was.

He added: “He’s obviously going down the line of me being racist. Most of my close friends are Asian.

“The original Amir Khan was going to be in my corner so he’s obviously wanting to get the people thinking I’m racist but I’m absolutely not.

“All I was saying was how fragile the poppadom is and his chin is brittle like that. Looking back now I regret it. There’s nothing behind it.”

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Brook, who is pals with England and Manchester City footballer Kyle Walker, was brought up in a council house in Sheffield.

He began boxing aged 12 and turned professional at 18 — quickly winning title belts.

But he had problems outside the ring.

In 2007 he was stabbed in the buttocks outside a nightclub in Sheffield.

In 2014 he beat Shawn Porter in California to become IBF World Welterweight champion.

But two weeks later he was slashed three times with a machete in Tenerife and needed 32 metal staples.

He told the Daily Mail after the unprovoked attack how he remembered “blood spurting everywhere, panicking, thinking I was going to die”.

He could remember a scramble, swearing from behind him and then nothing until hearing Spanish doctors.

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When he woke up in hospital he was scared he may never walk again.

He was on a family holiday at the time. He met his alleged assailant at a bar manager’s apartment for a party after going out for drinks.

Other people there eventually went home so Kell went with his alleged attacker after being invited to his apartment for a drink.

Kell said: “I got to his place, had a few more drinks, and got into a general chat about things. Tourism, cars, boats. Then suddenly the mood switched. This guy started going on about street fighting. The mood changed.

“(He was saying) a boxer can’t compete with a street fighter. I went from being comfortable to it switching without reason. This place, in his apartment, the kitchen and living room is close together.

“Everything is just a hand away from you. He was in the kitchen and I was in the living room. Without warning or caution, one swipe.”

He said the weapon was like a machete and about a foot long. And he said he was there for less than an hour before the attack, adding that he desperately tried to escape without retaliating.

He said: “I was a victim of an unprovoked attack. Without warning, I was getting (hit with a) machete by this guy to my leg.

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“The next minute I was trying to find my feet but my leg wasn’t working. There was so much blood spurting out and it was a tile floor. I lost my balance and fell.

“I remember scrambling about, trying to get out. I was just thinking I need to get out. I could see death.

“This guy was stood over me, shouting and swearing. I am trying to scramble away. I was thinking about my daughter, that I need to get away. I was covered in blood, panicking, feeling so drained and weak from the loss of blood. I feared for my life.”

He eventually managed to escape, leaving a blood trail, to another apartment to raise the alarm.

It is said he woke up a neighbour before he passed out.

In 2016 Kell lost a fight while suffering a broken eye socket.

In 2020 he admitted suffering depression afterwards, recalling: “It ruined me. It was a very dark time. I needed counsellors, the lot. Words can’t describe how low I’ve been.”

, Inside boxer Kell Brook’s controversies from snorting white powder to racist slur claims
The former world champ, pictured at the WBA Inter-Continental Welterweight Title Fight in 2012

, Inside boxer Kell Brook’s controversies from snorting white powder to racist slur claimsKell Brook lays in his hospital bed after being stabbed in the leg while on holiday

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How can you improve your punching form?

Punching form is one of the most important parts of boxing. If you want to be a better boxer, you must master punch technique. These tips will help improve your punching skills.

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  • Keep your head straight. Keep your head up when you’re throwing punches.
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  • Keep practicing every day. Even though you may feel tired after training, keep going. It takes practice to become proficient at anything.
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  • You need to take breaks. Sometimes, it is helpful to take a break from boxing. Play basketball or soccer outside.
  • Find a coach. Boxing is a sport that requires a coach with a lot of experience. This will help you to improve quicker.
  • Push-ups: Push-ups help build strength and endurance.

How do you practice boxing punches?

A punching bag can be used to practice boxing punches. Once you feel comfortable with the technique, you can punch the bag. Then, move to the next area. Once you feel confident with the area, move on to next.

What are the potential benefits of learning to Box?

These are the reasons you need to learn how box.

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Where should I buy boxing equipment?

There are many websites that sell boxing equipment. You can find equipment online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target. Ross and TJ Maxx offer great deals on boxing gear at a fraction of the cost.

Look into reputable brands like Warrior and Golden Glove if you are looking to buy quality boxing gear.

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How long does it usually take to become an elite boxer?

Professional boxing takes hard work and dedication. A minimum of 10 hours per week is required to train to become a professional ring fighter.

How can I learn boxing with only a partner?

You can also watch professional boxing matches live on TV if you don’t have a partner and want to learn boxing. Or you can find an amateur boxing club near you. Regular training sessions are a common feature of amateur boxing clubs. These sessions typically include sparring partners that hit pads together.

Boxing can also be practiced using punching bags. Before you use the bag, be sure to protect yourself with gloves or boxing gloves.

What are the 7 punches of boxing?

There are seven boxing punches. They include jab and cross, hook and uppercut, straight right and left hook, as well as body shot. These punches attack the opponent’s head or body.

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  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
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Boxing is an excellent way to lose weight and feel great about yourself. It will be a fun activity that you will want to do again and again.

There are many types of boxing training programs. Some are held at health clubs or gyms, while others can be done at home. You can also take online courses that allow you access from anywhere in this world.

When choosing a program, make sure that it meets your goals and fits into your lifestyle. Exercises that build muscle mass, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and improve overall well-being are the best.

It’s important to decide whether you prefer a beginner-level course or one that is more advanced. Beginner’s classes usually teach basic techniques, such as sparring, mittwork, shadowboxing, and punching. Advanced programs cover more complex movements and offer more variety.

Beginners’ programs generally last around eight weeks and cost less than $100. However, they don’t provide any guidance on nutrition, weight loss, injury prevention, or other aspects of boxing training.

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