Inside Deontay Wilder’s HOME training camp for Tyson Fury trilogy fight which includes outdoor ring and basketball court

DEONTAY WILDER is training for his trilogy bout against Tyson Fury with all the home comforts having built a gym around his Alabama mansion.

The American heavyweight faces his rival on October 9 after it was rescheduled from July 24 when Fury tested positive for coronavirus.

Deontay Wilder training in his outside ring
Trainer Malik Scott and Deontay Wilder on the full-sized basketball court
Malik Scott and Deontay Wilder training at the home gym

He started training again under new coach Malik Scott from his home in Tuscaloosa last year.

And after starting his camp to face Fury from home, he has since returned after the recent postponement.

His co-manager Shelly Finkel told SunSport: “As he was building his house, he put a gym in it and that gym expanded, and expanded and he started training out of it last year.

“He is very punctual, he works out more than ever, and he is focussing on all of the things that were not there before.”

Wilder has an outdoor ring, where he has been seen hitting pads with Scott, the man he knocked out in 2014.

And has a full-sized basketball court outside, where he also trains with his new head coach.

Inside, Wilder has a weights room for his strength work, but has heavy bags fitted and an area for pad work.

Deontay Wilder training with Malik Scott

Deontay Wilder has a home gym in his mansion

Deontay Wilder lifting weights in his home gym

But for his sparring, he returns to his old Skyy Boxing gym, headed up by Jay Deas, who was formerly his head trainer.

Deas is still on the team, and helped recruit 6ft 4in Stephan Shaw as a sparring partner to replicate Fury’s style.

Shaw, 28, said: “I’m here in camp to bring the finesse, the tricks of the trade of boxing and the best work that I can give them.

“Whatever Jay Deas needs from me, whatever those guys need, I can provide it.

“I’ve gone southpaw before and I’m primarily an orthodox fighter, I can adjust.

“It’s been great work, Deontay’s looking sharp, he’s looking pretty good.”

Heavyweight Stephan Shaw with Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder with his team at the Skyy Boxing gym

Shaw has been a long-time camp member of Wilder’s and helped the ex-champion in his two prior fights with Fury.

The first ended in a draw while the Bronze Bomber was beaten in seven rounds when they rematched two years later.

Shaw reveals not much has changed preparation-wise compared to the two camps before fighting Fury.

But he hailed the influence Scott has had on Wilder since taking over after defeat last year.

Shaw said: “It’s the same but I can tell he’s taking this fight more seriously than ever.

“Malik Scott, from what I’ve seen, has been a great difference in the camp. It’s just that experienced ear.

“Yeah, Deontay might have beaten him, knocked him out, but Malik has more boxing experience than Deontay does.


How Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder stack up ahead of the trilogy fight

“He’s been around the sport longer than Deontay, his intellect and the certain things he’s picked up as a fighter himself, I can see it rubbing off on Deontay.

“Just making sure he’s been the ultimate technician, blocking when he’s supposed to be blocking, making sure he’s aware, alert.

“Not allowing Deontay to just do whatever Deontay wants to do. I think that’s great.”

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