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I’ve sparred Jake Paul and his right hand is like being hit with a baseball bat, Nate Diaz won’t be able to take it

, I’ve sparred Jake Paul and his right hand is like being hit with a baseball bat, Nate Diaz won’t be able to take it

JAKE PAUL’S punching power has been compared to getting hit with a baseball bat, in a stark warning to Nate Diaz.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer returns to the ring over the weekend in Texas against ex-UFC star Diaz.

Jake Paul with ex-sparring partner Anthony Taylor

, I’ve sparred Jake Paul and his right hand is like being hit with a baseball bat, Nate Diaz won’t be able to take itNate Diaz fights Jake Paul next

It will be Paul’s fourth MMA veteran opponent, having beaten Ben Askren, 39, Tyron Woodley, 41, and Anderson Silva, 48.

Cage fighter and now influencer boxer Anthony Taylor, 34, sparred Paul, 26, in preparation for two of those bouts.

And he warned of the brutal power the American has in his backhand, believing it will be too much for Diaz, 38, to handle.

Taylor told Neue Online: “I hear Jake Paul is looking superhuman in this camp, he’s training with killers and there’s no question he’s going to send Nate Diaz into retirement.

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“Respect to Diaz, he’s had a great career, but he’s not going to know what’s hit him when Jake detonates on his chin.

“I’ve tasted Jake’s power and his right hand hits like a baseball bat.

“Given Diaz’s age and how much smaller he is compared to Jake, I don’t see how Diaz can stand up to that kind of firepower.”

Diaz walked out on the UFC to cross over to the boxing ring, leaving behind a trilogy decider with Conor McGregor, 34.

, I’ve sparred Jake Paul and his right hand is like being hit with a baseball bat, Nate Diaz won’t be able to take it

But Taylor wants to see Paul snatch the McGregor super-fight instead and send both MMA superstars into retirement.

He said: “If he makes it out of the third round i’d be surprised. Don’t blink.

“Once he’s knocked out Nate, what I’d like to see Jake do next is bring Conor McGregor into the ring at a catchweight.

“Conor is a sharpshooter, so it will be more of a difficult fight than Nate, but I expect Jake to rag doll Conor around the ring once he’s found his range and timing.

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“Ending the careers of Conor and Nate back to back would be a hell of an achievement.”

, I’ve sparred Jake Paul and his right hand is like being hit with a baseball bat, Nate Diaz won’t be able to take itJake Paul facing off with Nate Diaz

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a professional boxer to become one?

Professional boxing takes hard work and dedication. Training is essential if you are to become a professional boxer.

Where should I purchase boxing equipment

There are many different places online where you can buy boxing equipment. These include Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Ross and TJ Maxx offer great deals on boxing gear at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for quality boxing gear, then you may want to consider buying from reputable brands like Warrior, Golden Glove, and Premier Boxing Champions.

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How to throw a jab

Here’s a step-by, easy guide on how to throw a jab.

  1. Take your step forward with both of your feet.
  2. Raise your arm above your shoulder.
  3. Bring your fist down towards your target.
  4. After hitting your target arm, lift your arm up.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4.

How long does boxers train for a day?

Boxing trainers work out for at least 4 hours each day. They spend time learning new moves and practice their punches, as well as studying boxing techniques. Boxers can spar up to 10 times per week.

What are some of the benefits of boxing

Boxing offers many health benefits. Boxing builds strong bones and muscles. It improves your coordination and reflexes. It also strengthens the heart and lungs. The best part is that boxing doesn’t require any special equipment. You can use whatever you have around the house.

How can I improve my punching technique?

Boxing’s most important aspect is punching form. If you want to be a better boxer, you must master punch technique. These are some tips that will help you improve your punching technique.

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  • Keep your head up. Your head should always be up while throwing punches.
  • Punch from your shoulder. Try to punch from the shoulder, not the chin when you throw a punch.
  • Concentrate on your feet. Keep your feet still when you are punching.
  • Give short, fast punches. Longer punches can tire you faster.
  • Don’t forget about defense! Always block any incoming punches.
  • Use your elbows. The best way to defend your self is with your elbows.
  • You can learn to use your legs. If you learn to use your legs properly, they can help you avoid getting knocked down.
  • Always practice. Even if you feel exhausted after training, don’t give up. It takes practice to become proficient at anything.
  • Have fun Enjoy what you are doing.
  • Breathe. Breathing correctly will make you stronger and give you energy.
  • Relax. Don’t worry about making errors. Just focus on learning new things.
  • Be patient. Boxing isn’t easy. You will need to practice your boxing skills over time.
  • Never stop learning. As long as there’s room to improve, there’ll be more.
  • Listen to music. Listening to music can help you relax during training.
  • See videos of professional boxers. You can be inspired by watching them fight.
  • Read books. Reading is a great way to learn about boxing.
  • Pause. Sometimes, you need to take a break. Play soccer or basketball outdoors.
  • Find a coach. A coach who is an expert in boxing can help you get better faster.
  • Do push-ups. Push-ups help build strength and endurance.

How much weight can I lift during a workout?

For strength improvement, weight lifting is an essential part of your fitness routine. However, there are certain guidelines you should keep in mind when lifting weights. First, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Aim to lift heavierweights every other days. Third, you should do 8 repetitions of each exercise. Fourth, take a break between sets for 2 minutes. Fifth, all exercises should be performed without momentum. And lastly, put more emphasis on form than speed.


  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (
  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How To

Here are some basic skills in boxing

How to box effectively

Boxing is one the most well-known sports in the world. It involves two people who attempt to knock each other out of their heads. Different countries have different rules. There are three types generally of boxing: Amateur (Professional) and Olympic (Olympic).

Amateur boxing is often practiced at school, college, or university. This type includes sparring sessions using padded gloves, but without protection. Amateur boxing contests are usually three rounds in length, lasting five minutes each. Amateur boxing can be done in many styles, including Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Taekwondo or Karate, Judo, Wrestling, and Muay Thai.

Boxing is often practiced in gyms or clubs. They wear protective equipment such as mouthpiece, nose guard, shin guards, elbow pads, knee pads, waist belt and groin protector. Professional boxing contests last six rounds and last for four minutes each. There are many different types of professional Boxing such as Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Taekwondo.

Olympic boxing is performed at the Olympics. International standards require that boxers use special protective gear. The competition lasts approximately three minutes for each round. Olympic boxing can be divided into two types: Light Flyweight (Heavyweight) and Heavyweight (Light Flyweight).

Boxing is based on the following skills:

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  • Punching techniques
  • Guarding techniques
  • Footwork
  • Stance
  • Movement of the body
  • Defense
  • Combination
  • Rotation
  • Spares

Punching Techniques

There are seven types. Each punch is different. Some punches require greater strength than others. For example, an uppercut is a powerful punch. On the contrary, a straight punch takes less power but is faster than most punches.

There are also different combinations. These are combinations of punches that work together to achieve a specific goal. A combination may contain several parts. An example of this is a left hook, followed by a right crossing. This will damage the opponent’s jaw.

Guard Techniques

Boxers protect themselves by protecting their bodies. He does so by using his arms, elbows and hands as well as his knees, knees and legs.


A boxer must use his legs to defend against kicks. When he’s hit, he raises his right leg and runs away from the attacker. To avoid being kicked on the sides, he bends at his knees when the attacker strikes from the front. However, if the attack comes from behind, he stands up straight and blocks the kick with his foot.


Because they cause great pain, elbow strikes are extremely effective. An elbow strike may be delivered directly or in an indirect manner. Directly, you strike your opponent with your forearm. Indirectly, you hit him with another portion of your arm.

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Boxers use both their hands and arms to prevent incoming blows. To do so, they raise their fists above their head and move them towards the direction of the attack. Then, they touch the attacker’s hand.


To absorb the impact of a punch to the stomach, abdomen, or chest, boxers should bend their knees. Knee strikes can be used to defend yourself.


A boxer should take control of an attack and respond with counter-attacks. This will help him gain distance from his opponent. In addition, when delivering a counter-attack, a boxer should keep his balance.


Boxing is only possible if a boxer has a clear stance. The way he defends himself will be determined by his stance. It dictates how he places his body and faces his opponent. There are many stances available to boxers. Here are the most commonly used ones:

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  • Low stance
  • High stance
  • Southpaw stance
  • Western stance

Moving your body

A boxer must change his position, speed and rhythm in order to win the fight. This involves changing position, speed and rhythm.


When a boxer throws a punch, he rotates in order to increase the reach of his arm. The rotation is done at different speeds depending on the type of punch.


The timing of each punch determines the effectiveness of a combination. A combination that works well starts with strong punches and ends with weak ones is a winning combination.


Sparring is a training session that improves boxing skills. Sparring is a training session that helps a boxer train his mind and body. In conclusion, the purpose of sparring is to learn how to fight and not get hurt.

In conclusion, learning to box requires dedication and patience. To be a better boxer you need to train hard.

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