Jake Paul brilliantly responds to Tyson Fury telling him to ‘hide girlfriend’ Julia Rose because ‘Big T’s in town’

JAKE PAUL has responded to Tyson Fury after the world heavyweight champion warned him to “keep his girlfriend on a leash” ahead of his fight on December 18.

Paul is taking on Tyson’s brother Tommy Fury in Florida next month as the pair put their undefeated records on the line.

Paul acknowledged Fury’s goading comments on his latest TikTok
He then responded by pretending to stuff his girlfriend Julia into a suitcase

Paul then proceeded to jokingly through the suitcase around the room

And Tyson was on the wind up during a press day earlier this week when discussing the impact of him and the rest of the Fury family heading to America.

Speaking to iFL TV, he said: “You know when Big T [Fury] is in town, they’re not safe. Lock up your women and hide your men when we’re in Florida.”

Now Paul has hit back at the WBC champ with his own hilarious TikTok video.

It starts with the clip of Tyson warning the YouTube star about his girlfriend and the Fury’s arriving in the US.

Paul then pretends to be concerned about Tyson and the rest of his family, before calling out to his girlfriend Julia Rose.

She enters the room and Jake says: “Babe, T is coming to town, Tyson Fury. Long story short, we’ve got to get you in the suitcase.

“You’ve got to hide in the suitcase, he’s f*****g everybody. It doesn’t matter, he’s f*****g everybody in Florida. Just get in the suitcase, you’ve got to hide in here. This is serious.”

Paul then proceeds to zip his girlfriend into the suitcase but part of the clip is covered by a wall so she clearly does not actually get in.

He then pretends to lose control of the suitcase, throwing it around the room in a panicked manner.

Jake and Tyson’s back and forth comes after Tommy’s dad John Fury slammed Paul with a vile rant during a pre-fight press conference.

He said: “You know Tommy knocks you out, don’t you?

“He’s going to bend your girlfriend over and do her like a dog. I’m telling you straight what you’re getting.”


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Paul then told John to “suck my d**k”, to which John replied: “Suck your d**k? You haven’t got a d**k to suck…you’ve got a g**h not a d**k.”

Both Jake and Tommy hold perfect professional boxing records with four and seven wins respectively.

Jake’s fame has largely come from his work on YouTube, while Tommy came to the British public’s attention following his appearance on Love Island.

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