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Jake Paul has no ‘f***ing chance’ of beating Conor McGregor team-mate Dillon Danis in street fight, says Joe Rogan

, Jake Paul has no ‘f***ing chance’ of beating Conor McGregor team-mate Dillon Danis in street fight, says Joe Rogan

JAKE PAUL doesn’t have a hope in hell of beating Dillon Danis in a street fight, according to UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

The outspoken YouTuber – who scored a viral KO of former NBA star Nate Robinson last month – has been gunning for a boxing match with Danis for well over a year.

Jake Paul gatecrashed Dillon Danis’s interview with Brendan Schaub and pelted with water balloons
Dillon Danis tried to get his hands on Jake Paul but was unable to

Paul – the younger brother of fellow YouTube star Logan – upped the ante earlier this week by gatecrashing the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace’s interview with former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and pelting him with water balloons.

Danis – a team-mate of former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor – attempted to confront Paul but was unable to do so as the ex-Disney told the driver of the car he was in to ‘dip’.

And Rogan believes Paul would’ve been in a world of trouble if the Marcelo Garcia black belt managed to get his hands on him.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the 53-year-old said: “Dillon Danis ran up to him and he sped away. Why didn’t he get out and fight him?”

He added: “Let me tell you something, Dillon Danis gets ahold of you, you’re either getting your arms broken, you’re neck strangled off – your head’s going to get popped like a zit—[or] he’s going to rip your knees apart.

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“There’s not a f**king chance in the world [Paul would beat Danis in a street fight].

“Dillon Danis is a world-class grappler. Top of the food chain.”

A few days after his drive-by antics, Paul took his feud with Danis to the next level by FaceTiming the Bellator star’s girlfriend – Savannah Montano – and posting video footage of the call on social media.

, Jake Paul has no ‘f***ing chance’ of beating Conor McGregor team-mate Dillon Danis in street fight, says Joe Rogan

How Logan Paul and little brother Jake compare

That prompted a scathing rant from Montano, who said: “I’m dead confused at some of you guys going, ‘Oh, but why did you answer his call?’

“As if I have his f**king number saved in my phone! It was literally a random number. You can literally see in the video, I’m like, ‘Who is this?’

“And as soon as I see his face I’m, like, ‘Eww, what the f? Like, stop, stop, stop, I’m literally f’ing nauseous, like, I’m gonna go throw up right now, like, ugh.’”

She added: “I just wanna say that everybody that’s not Jake Paul’s 12-year-old fans can clearly see that he’s just a f**king loser, and I don’t know how he got my number.

, Jake Paul has no ‘f***ing chance’ of beating Conor McGregor team-mate Dillon Danis in street fight, says Joe Rogan

UFC commentator Joe Rogan insists Dillon Danis would have with way with Jake Paul in a street fight

“That s**t’s embarrassing, and I don’t wanna be associated [with it]. It’s f**ked up that I’m being used as a pawn in this bulls**t.”

Despite doing his utmost to antagonise Danis, Paul’s sights are firmly set on a showdown with McGregor, who he recently launched a scathing attack on.

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He said: “What the f**k is up you Irish c**t? Good morning Conor McGregor.

“I know you’re probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now or maybe you’re j***ing off as you’re sick of f***ing your wife, I mean, she’s a four [out of ten], Conor you could do a lot better, but happy Monday!

, Jake Paul has no ‘f***ing chance’ of beating Conor McGregor team-mate Dillon Danis in street fight, says Joe Rogan

“My team sent you a $50 million offer this morning, $50 million cash, proof of funds, the biggest fight offer you’ve ever been offered.

“But you’re scared to fight me Conor. You duck me as you’re scared to fight a YouTuber.

“You’re 0-1 as a boxer, I’m 2-0 as a boxer. I just came off the eighth biggest pay-per-view event in history.

“But you want to fight Dustin Poirier, who has less followers on Instagram than my f***ing dog, that’s a fact.

“And Dana White, you’re a f***ing p***y, you ugly f**king bald bitch.

“You said there’s zero per cent chance of this fight happening but there’s zero per cent of you getting some p**sy.

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“Conor, you’re scared, Dana, you’re scared. Sign the f**king contract you idiots. Irish b***h, f**k these guys.”



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