Jake Paul offers to DOUBLE Tyron Woodley’s ‘multi-million dollar’ fight purse if he wins bout in heated face-off

JAKE PAUL offered to double Tyron Woodley’s fight purse during a heated face-off.

The warring pair had their first stare down last night ahead of their August 28 boxing showdown.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley faced off for the first time on Thursday
YouTube star Paul offered a double-your-money bet to the ex-UFC champ

And among all the verbal sparring, the YouTube star offered ex-UFC champ a huge bet.

Paul, 24, told his opponent: “If you win, I’ll double your purse. But if you lose, you have to donate your purse to my charity.”

And he later tweeted: “The 5x UFC champ wouldn’t take the bet. Tyron Woodley you don’t have enough confidence to put your money where your mouth is.”

But Woodley later responded in an Instagram comment: “Put it in blood.”

Woodley, 39, broke out into song during the stare down by serenading Paul with his rap song ‘I’ll beat yo ass’.

Paul responded by goading Woodley over his four losses and his advancing years.

Missouri-born Woodley also poked fun at the Disney logo on Paul’s bag.

The pair will face off on August 28

How Jake Paul stacks up in comparison to Tyron Woodley

Tempers threatened to boil over before the pair were separated and posed for pictures.

Former UFC champ Woodley has officially started his training camp for the August 28 showdown.

The 39-year-old shared a series of training snaps to his Instagram page on Wednesday night.

His accompanying caption read: “#ChampCamp in session. Day one in the books.”


Woodley also included a video of himself going through pressure drills with one of his coaches.

The St Louis slugger is relishing the opportunity to get his hands on the outspoken Paul, who he had a tense confrontation with earlier this year.

Woodley took exception to the social media star’s pre-fight antics before seeing him demolish his good friend Ben Askren.

And the MMA legend can’t wait to put a beating on the former Disney star.

During an Instagram Live, he said: “All the clout chasing, all the yelling, all the blah, blah blah, ‘I’m a fighter, all the MMA guys don’t never want to fight me.’

“Now, you got a motherf***ing that’s going to fight you like you ain’t never been fought before.

“Ain’t no sparring you can do to motherf***ing get ready for it.

“Ain’t no meditation. Ain’t no kum ba yah.

“Ain’t no mama se mama sa mama coosa.

“Ain’t s**t you can do. You getting your ass beat. I’m pumped up about it.”

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