Jake Paul reveals he has tattoo artist ringside at Tyron Woodley fight to make ex-UFC star honour ‘I love Jake’ bet

JAKE PAUL revealed he will bring a tattoo artist to his fight with Tyron Woodley in a bid to make sure their bet is honoured.

Paul faces the ex-UFC champion on Sunday in his fourth and biggest fight to date.

Jake Paul revealed he will bring a tattoo artist to his fight with Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley fights Jake Paul on August 29

Not only will he put his 3-0 record of straight knockouts on the line, the loser will also have to get their opponent’s name tattooed on them.

The pair made the wager on the spot while promoting their fight at a press conference.

Paul came up with the idea, which will see the loser have ‘I love’ with the winner’s name followed.

And the YouTuber is bringing a tattoo artist with him ringside and will order her to show up at Woodley’s changing room with the ink, should he be beaten.

Paul told True Geordie: “I have a tattoo artist, one of the biggest tattoo artists in the world, Tattoo Baby, is coming to the fight.

“She has her equipment, so after the fight I’m sending her to his dressing room to get it done, I swear.”

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Despite Paul, 24, maintaining nothing will stand in his way of making sure the bet is fulfilled, Woodley, 39, has other plans.

If he wins, the former UFC welterweight is willing to let Paul off the tattoo, but will demand some compensation.

Woodley said on The MMA Hour: “I’ll let him negotiate. If he doesn’t want to get the tattoo, you have got to pay me a nice bag.

“It was his bet. Either you get the tattoo or you give out some cash. Donate it to my charity.

“Because I want no excuses out of him. Because if he is a man, he shook on it in front of the world. He has to live up to it.”

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