Jake Paul slams ’embarrassing’ performance enhancing drugs accusations and says allegations are ‘excuses’ for his wins

JAKE PAUL slammed ’embarrassing’ performance enhancing drugs accusations and said the allegations are ‘excuses’ for his wins.

The YouTuber is 3-0 as a boxer, all by knockout and faces ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley in his fourth and biggest fight to date on August 29.

Jake Paul slammed ’embarrassing’ performance enhancing drugs accusations

And heading into it, MMA coach Firas Zahabi claimed Paul is ‘gonna be on PEDs’ in an accusation laughed off by the YouTuber.

Paul responded on The Last Stand podcast: “Yeah so I woke up a couple of mornings ago and my manager sent me that headline and said, ‘Hey hope you see this’.

“So I first swiped up on my phone and typed in ‘what are PEDs’. This is honestly hilarious, how many excuses are they gonna make?

“People were saying ‘Ben Askren is going to beat Jake Paul’, ‘Nate Robinson is the betting favourite he is just a YouTuber’.

“They just know now that I am coming for their five-time UFC champion, I am gonna knock him out and they are trying to make up any excuse they possibly can.

“Its a real professional fight with commissions and drug testing, so how are these people coming up with that?

“I am looking at it as a compliment as I am making light work of these people, and they are running out of excuses.”

How Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley compare ahead of their boxing match

Paul, 24, has beaten online rival ‘AnEsonGib’, ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 37, and retired UFC fighter Ben Askren, 37.

But Woodley, 39, will provide his toughest fight to date when they headline in his hometown of Cleveland.

The Ohio Athletic Commission will require urinalysis before and after the bout from both fighters.

But Zahabi – who famously coached UFC legend Georges St-Pierre – still levelled allegations that Paul will be free to use PEDs.

He said on his YouTube channel: “That’s one of my number one factors. I think Jake Paul’s corner, they’re gonna be on all sorts of substances.

“I was holding back, I didn’t want to say. I don’t think they test.

“Maybe the week of the fight, but there’s no USADA and I didn’t wanna say, but I think that’s a major factor.

“When I tell you guys he’s bigger and stronger and more athletic, I think, basically, he’s gonna be on PEDs.

“I hate to say it, but I definitely think Jake Paul’s gonna be on PEDs.

“It exists in the world of boxing just like it exists in MMA, and I don’t think Tyron will be on PEDs.

“I think Tyron will be totally natural. Does it make a difference? It absolutely does.”

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