Jake Paul trolls Conor McGregor over DJ ‘attack’ and urges UFC ‘tough guy’ to try and take on YouTuber

JAKE PAUL mocked Conor McGregor over his alleged attack on an Italian DJ and urged the ‘tough guy’ from the UFC to try ‘do something’ to him.

McGregor was accused of punching DJ Francesco Facchinetti in the face and leaving him with a bloody lip and nose in front of his horrified wife.

Jake Paul mocked Conor McGregor over his alleged attack on an Italian D
Conor McGregor spotted by the Vatican for the christening of his son Rian

DJ Francesco Facchinetti alleged Conor McGregor punched him

Police were called after the Irishman allegedly got into the scuffle with musician Facchinetti while the two attended an event at the St Regis hotel in Rome.

YouTube star-turned boxer Paul, who once offered McGregor $50million to fight in the past, was quick to take aim at the alleged incident.

He tweeted: “Conor likes to play tough guy with musicians… Conor PLEASE try and do something when you see me !!”

McGregor, 33, and his partner Dee Devlin have been in Italy over the last few days for the christening of their youngest child Rian in the Vatican.

But the trip faces ending on a low note as both Facchinetti, 41, and his wife Wilma Faissol, 39, made the allegations to their nearly 1.5million combined followers on Instagram.

Facchinetti posted a video recounting the alleged incident and showed off cuts on both of his lips.


Wilma also shared a series of Instagram stories accusing the fighter of attacking her husband, and fearing he could have been killed.

It remains unclear what triggered the alleged melee but SunSport contacted McGregor’s team for comment on the alleged confrontation.

Italian Police confirmed to us they were called to the scene at 5.30am after an incident had taken place.

McGregor was not spoken to by the police, but he “may be in coming days” as the DJ plans to file a formal complaint in his home city of Milan.

Facchinetti, who is also a TV and radio personality in Italy, told his one million followers on Instagram: “I could be silent but someone like him who pulls a punch, think what could happen.”

He went on that “real fighters don’t behave like that” and accused the Irish star of punching him “for no reason”.

The DJ added: “We welcomed him as a hero and instead he’s just a bully of the worst kind … what a disappointment … I feel sorry for him, he has everything but he has nothing …

“He must be stopped because he is dangerous for others. Now I understand why he had 20 bodyguards. Not to defend him from others, but to defend others from him.”

Also taking to Instagram, Wilma posted to her more than 477,000 followers accusing McGregor.

“He could have killed him, he split his lips and nose,” she said.

Wilma claimed that McGregor’s bodyguards had to hold the lightweight fighter back as he “wanted to keep beating Francis”.

She claimed McGregor’s team gave them hankies to clean up the blood before the couple were then told to leave through the side door of the hotel.


“I was crying, I was shaking, we called the police and ambulance,” Wilma added.

McGregor previously got into trouble for punching a man at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin back in August 2019.

The ex-UFC champion allegedly hit Desmond Keogh, 50, after the older man had declined to drink a shot of whiskey.

He was convicted of assault and ordered to pay a fine of £860 – and then later went on to spend £1.75million buying the pub.

McGregor last fought in July against Dustin Poirier, 32, the man he initially beat in 2014 by was knocked out by in their January rematch.

In the trilogy bout at UFC 264, disaster struck for McGregor as he suffered a brutal leg break seconds before the end of round one, then losing by doctor stoppage.

He remained in America for surgery in Los Angeles where he continued his rehabilitation process before taking a holiday in Europe with his family. 

Conor McGregor pictured in Rome

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