Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley predictions: Mike Tyson, Tommy Fury and KSI back YouTuber but Dana White tips ex-UFC star

JAKE PAUL will face the biggest challenge in his professional boxing career against ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

The YouTube star faces Woodley on August 29, in his home of Cleveland in what will be his fourth fight.

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley on August 29

With three wins, all by knockout, it has left Paul convincing fans his talent is real and respect should be put on his name.

But others are not so open to accepting the social media sensation is worth of any praise.

And predictions on Paul’s fight with Woodley reflects the dividing and differing opinons, as SunSport runs down the pick of the bunch.


The British YouTuber has long rivalled Paul, with the pair both beating each other’s brothers.

But a grudge match between them has yet to materialise and KSI – for the first time – backed his online rival to win.

KSI, 28, said on YouTube: “I think Jake Paul’s gonna win. Because every time I’ve said Jake Paul’s gonna lose, he wins.

“Same thing happens with crypto. I go, I’m feeling bullish, and then it tanks. Jake Paul’s gonna win. He’s gonna absolutely destroy Tyron Woodley.”

Prediction: Jake Paul

Jake Paul and KSI argue in the ring during a confrontation in 2020

Jorge Masvidal

The UFC welterweight is a known admirer of Paul, who even trained with Masvidal, 36, before knocking out Ben Askren, 37, in April.

But Masvidal is a long-long friend and training partner of Woodley’s and has no doubt his boy will win.

He told said on The MMA Hour: “Woodley can throw them hands. Ben Askren never could.

“So, it’s like you’ve got a guy that can fight if it’s slinging fists.Woodley could have made his money grappling, which he did.

“He was good enough of an athlete, and he was good enough of an athlete to make his money with his hands to knock people the f*** out.”

Prediction: Tyron Woodley

Jorge Masvidal pictured with Jake Paul

Mike Tyson

Iron Mike has taking a liking to Paul, who knocked out Nate Robinson, 37, on the heavyweight legend’s undercard last November.

And Tyson, 55, has the American celebrity to beat Woodley, 39, who is ‘not a puncher’.

He said on his podcast: “I’m proud of them. Are they gonna fight? He’s fighting an experienced fighter. That’s so cool.

“I don’t know. Paul’s a real good striker, and I think people do him a disservice when they go in there and say, ‘He’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed, he’s a white b***’, and I think that also builds their courage up and causes them to get knocked out.

“Jake’s gonna beat him. Woodley’s not a puncher like that, that’s why he wants to fight this guy, to get his last payday probably.”

Prediction: Jake Paul

Jake Paul pictured with heavyweight legend Mike Tyson

Dana White

The UFC president has feuded with Paul in recent months with verbal jabs being thrown both ways.

Woodley, who left the UFC this year after four straight losses, also never saw eye-to-eye with the boss, but still White has tipped his former champ to win.

He told the Real Quick With Mike Swick podcast: “You tell me when is the last time you saw Woodley look like Woodley?

“I’d have to go with Woodley by knockout. Listen, man, Woodley should knock him out.

“But, again, the Tyron Woodley that you talk about, that was the champ, isn’t the same f***ing guy he was four years ago.”

Prediction: Tyron Woodley

UFC president Dana White with Tyron Woodley

Israel Adesanya

UFC middleweight champion Adesanya was a guest commentator the night Paul knocked out basketball player Robinson.

And it has been enough to convince him Woodley suffers a similar fate.

Adesanya, 32, said on The MMA Hour: “Jake most likely. Tyron’s just small. Yeah, and I mean, Tyron, on the trailer, they called him an expert striker.

“I’m like, since when? Expert striker, yeah, I was like, ‘Since the f*** when?’ He’s got a right hand that he, you know, looks for.

“So, when you have one thing to look for, it’s easier to avoid that. And, yeah, Jake’s big. Jake’s actually a good boxer. So, yeah, if I was gonna bet, I’d bet on Jake Paul.”

Prediction: Jake Paul

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya with Jake Paul

Logan Paul

Not surpassingly, Logan, 26, has backed his younger brother to win, but reckons another highlight-reel KO is on the cards.

He said: “I think he’s gonna knock out Tyron Woodley in round one. Like round one fight, Jake Paul to the moon.”

Jake, 24, responded: “I think so too.”

Prediction: Jake Paul

Jake Paul pictured with older brother Logan

Georges St-Pierre

The UFC legend and former two-weight champion failed to pick a decisive winner, but for sure did not rule out Paul beating Woodley.

St-Pierre, 40, told MMA Fighting: “He could, definitely.

“It’s a different sport. In MMA I would say no, but in boxing he’s much bigger than Tyron Woodley, and also he trains very hard.

“I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen, but I think he definitely can do it. I’m not one of the haters, and [Paul] actually is a very nice guy.”

Prediction: Sitting on the fence

UFC champion Georges St-Pierre refused to rule out Jake Paul beating Tyron Woodley

Tommy Fury

Fury, 22, has been embroiled in a viral feud with Paul for weeks and will even feature on his undercard.

The British light-heavyweight will fight Paul’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor, 32, and win sets them up for a grudge match.

Fury has backed Paul to beat Woodley by default, believing matchmakers would not have allowed him to face any sort of threat.

He said: “He has earned a lot of money and if there was any chance of Tyron Woodley beating Jake Paul that contract wouldn’t have got signed.

“Why would Jake Paul put himself in a position where he is going to get knocked spark out?

“He is not going to fight anybody who will test him because he doesn’t need to.”

Prediction: Jake Paul

Tommy Fury backed Jake Paul to beat Tyron Woodley

Stephen Thompson

Wonderboy Thompson twice fought Woodley – both while in their primes – drawing the first but losing the second.

And he believes his former opponent will be able to beat Paul on points in the eight-round attraction.

Wonderboy, 38, told James Lynch,: “Tyron. No, I think you know, Jake Paul is very smart. I think his defence, his movement is very, very good.

“I think it will be a decision.”

Prediction: Woodley

Tyron Woodely drew and beat Stephen Thompson

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