Jake Paul WILL get KO’d and ’15 mins are almost up’, warns Dana White.. but UFC chief admits he doesn’t ‘hate’ YouTuber

DANA WHITE has warned Jake Paul his 15 minutes of fame are ‘almost up’ and a humbling knockout loss ‘is coming’.

But the UFC president admitted he feels no hatred towards the YouTuber-turned boxer, who has previously blasted the MMA promoter.

Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier at UFC 261
UFC president Dana White

White told Mike Tyson he would bet $1million on Paul losing to ex-UFC welterweight Ben Askren.

But the wager was never officially made, meaning the UFC boss has no plans to pay Paul after the internet star knocked out Askren in one round.

White said on Morning Blitz: “Listen, at the end of the day, to be honest, I hate the dildos who pop in here and say ‘Hey, pay Jake Paul!’

“I hate them worse than I hate Jake Paul. But, listen, whatever with this kid. The kid is making money, man.

“He makes people care, he makes people give a s***. I honestly don’t hate the kid.

“I know there’s a lot of people who are very excited for the day when he gets clipped and gets knocked out, and it is coming.

“His 15 minutes are almost up but listen, the kid’s gonna make some money and good for him.”

Paul recently blasted White for underpaying UFC fighters and claimed he earns more than any of his stable bar Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Jake Paul entered elite company


The 3-0 cruiserweight has targeted fights with McGregor, 32, and retired champion Daniel Cormier, 42.

He even continued his rivalry with the UFC by turning up to their latest pay-per-view event in Miami, where he was booed by the crowd.

But UFC fighters are banned from competing outside of the promotion without permission.

And White threatened legal action to prevent Paul from trying to prize any of his MMA stable into the ring.

“Why don’t you go fight a f****g boxer?” White told Yahoo Sports. “What the f*** do these guys keep talking to UFC guys for?

“I’m gonna have to slap them with another f****g legal letter, these fucking idiots. Go talk to f****g boxers. What are you doing?”

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