Jake Paul ‘wouldn’t sign up for’ voluntary drug testing for Tommy Fury grudge match claims irate dad John

JOHN FURY has accused Jake Paul of refusing to undergo voluntary drug testing ahead of his showdown with son Tommy.

The YouTuber turned boxer will throw down with the youngest Fury brother in a grudge match on December 18.

Jake Paul will throw down with Tommy Fury in a grudge match next month
And John Fury has claimed Paul refused to sign up for voluntary drug testing ahead of the December dust-up

An irate John was ‘bothered’ by Paul’s refusal to agree to VADA testing

Negotiations over the bout took longer than expected, with an irate John claiming an initial sticking point was Paul’s refusal to sign up for stringent testing by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

During a pre-fight interview with Rob Moore, John said: “There was all kinds of stuff in the contracts.

“There was all kinds of it, like, ‘You’ve got to change your name for a year. You’ve got to do this. You’ve got to do that.’

“He’s got to change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’ for a year. All rubbish on that.

“I could go into it more and more but I don’t want to bore people with politics. Do you know what I’m saying?…

“And like everything else, he wouldn’t sign up for the VADA testing either.”

Paul’s alleged refusal to commit to stringent VADA testing irked dotting dad John, although he insists he’s no longer ‘bothered’ by the decision.

He continued: “That bothered me a little bit because I want that in the contract. But he wouldn’t do that.

“But I’m not even bothered about that because what they’re going to do, they’re going to do anyway.

“So yeah, we just want the fight because we know we can win it.

“The people that think Tommy is getting paid to lose, they’re joking.”

Paul, 24, was drug tested after his split decision victory over Tyron Woodley in August.

Paul brushed off allegations of PED use ahead of his split decision victory over Tyron Woodley

And the social media star’s post-fight sample came back negative for any performance-enhancing drugs.

Paul was accused of using PEDS during the build-up to his narrow victory over Woodley, a notion that made him laugh.

He said: “Yeah so I woke up a couple of mornings ago and my manager sent me that headline and said, ‘Hey hope you see this’.

“So I first swiped up on my phone and typed in ‘what are PEDs’.

“This is honestly hilarious, how many excuses are they gonna make?

“People were saying ‘Ben Askren is going to beat Jake Paul’, ‘Nate Robinson is the betting favourite he is just a YouTuber’.

“They just know now that I am coming for their five-time UFC champion, I am gonna knock him out and they are trying to make up any excuse they possibly can.

“It’s a real professional fight with commissions and drug testing, so how are these people coming up with that?

“I am looking at it as a compliment as I am making light work of these people, and they are running out of excuses.”


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