Jake Paul’s advisor says Tommy Fury isn’t ‘focussed on boxing’ as much as YouTuber and slams ‘comical’ snub to $1m deal

TOMMY FURY has been told he is not as ‘focussed on boxing’ as much as Jake Paul and rejecting $1million to fight his rival was ‘comical’.

Fury publicly admitted he declined to two offers to face Paul and responded ‘get your figures up and then we can talk’.

Jake Paul offered Tommy Fury a $1m fight deal
Tommy Fury has declined two offers to fight Jake Paul

The YouTube star then responded by bumping the deal up to $1m and was even putting money from his ‘own pocket’ into the package.

But again Fury shot down the effort, believing he was being lowballed and stated $1m was ‘not even worth getting out of bed for’.

Nakisa Bidarian, Paul’s advisor and founder of talent firm BAVAFA Sports, hit out at the response which he called laughable.

Bidarian told SunSport: “There’s no instal base of fans that are proven to be purchasers of Tommy Fury, Jake is now going into his third headline pay-per-view.

“He’s doing numbers that are bigger than any boxer in the US other than Canelo, who is at a different price point.

“So it’s not even a discussion of what they want, we’re giving them an unbelievable offer and more so if you really believe in yourself.


“This is four times, five times what you’ve ever made plus upside.

“Go in, beat Jake, be the new face of this movement and guess what? Jake’s probably going to want a rematch.

“And then you can dictate terms. But until then, you’re coming into Jake’s promotion, to Jake’s event, this is an unbelievable offer.

“More than most UFC champions get as a guaranteed base. It’s comical them saying it’s not worth getting out of bed for.”

Paul, 24, is in talks to fight Fury, 22, by the end of the year and is set to start training for his return to the ring.

In the meantime, he has continued his internet feud with the former reality TV star, who in 2019 featured on Love Island.

Paul was quick to mock Fury after footage emerged of the 7-0 light-heavyweight dancing topless in a nightclub.

And Bidarian argued it highlighted the difference in commitment between the two boxers.

He said: “I’m not sure Tommy Fury is focussed on boxing the way Jake is.

“Here we are four weeks removed and I’m not seeing Tommy training, I’m seeing other videos of Tommy out in the public domain.

“If he really is serious about his career, this really is the absolute best offer that could ever present itself.”

Bidarian has already warned the latest online offer will be their third and final.

And he fears Fury will miss out on facing Paul, much like Conor McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis did this year.

Danis, 28, was offered the chance to fight Paul in March, but rejected citing an injury to his knee.

Retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 37, was instead given the opportunity and was later knocked out in April.

Bidarian said: “It reminds me of Dillon Danis, who had the opportunity when Jake considered fighting him.

“Jake made a couple of very, very good offers to him, again multiple of what he’s usually paid.

“And he outpriced himself or didn’t want to fight, we’re not sure what one, and that fight’s now never going to happen, Jake’s moved past that.

“It doesn’t make sense to fight someone’s that’s 2-0 in MMA against not very good opponents. I think Tommy has the potential to do that to himself.

“It would be disappointing, he’s a fine young man who’s worked to get to this stage and I hope he capitalises on it.”

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are in talks to fight at the end of the year

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