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Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao: Date, UK start time, stream, TV channel, undercard for KSI’s huge Misfits boxing event

, Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao: Date, UK start time, stream, TV channel, undercard for KSI’s huge Misfits boxing event

JAY SWINGLER’S highly-anticipated Misfits boxing battle against Nichlmao is fast approaching – and there are some mouth-watering fights on the undercard.

KSI humiliated FaZe Temperrr with a first round KO in series 004 of the rising boxing promotion event.

KSI beat FaZe Temperrr in the most recent Misfits boxing event

Swingler embrassed Cherdley’s in October 2022

But fans were left feeling robbed of entertainment as the YouTube superstar’s original opponent Dillon Danis, dropped out after short notice.

However, this time round, Misfits CEO KSI has pulled some strings to get Swingler and Nichlmao in the ring together as the main event for the show.

Swingler, 27 lost his first boxing bout to social media star AnEsonGib in 2018, before beating American YouTuber Cherdley’s during series 002 of Misfits.

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And the Instagram famous fighter will be determined to improve his record against boxing debutant Nichlmao.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether KSI is eyeing a return to the ring, but SunSport has all the other information on this upcoming event in Telford.

When is Swingler vs Nichlmao?

Initially, Misfits 005 was supposed to take place on Saturday, February 25 in Milton Keynes.

But now, Jay Swingler’s highly-anticipated boxing bout against Nichlmao will take place on Saturday, March 4.

The event is expected to start at 7pm UK time while the headline for the fifth edition of Misfits will get underway around 10pm UK time.

And International Centre Telford is the allocated arena for the entire event which can host approximately 4,000 fans.

How can I watch Swingler vs Nichlmao?

Swingler vs Nichlamo will be broadcast LIVE on DAZN in the UK.

Subscription members can stream the entire action through any mobile device or tablet on the DAZN app.

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However, new members are required to pay a monthly fee of £7.99 for access to DAZN’s live streams.

Alternatively, SunSport will have round-by-round coverage of every fight on the card.

Who is on the undercard?

Jay Swingler and Nichlmao headline this huge event.

But history will be made as the first ever boxing tag team match is set to take place on Misfits 005.

  • Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao – MAIN EVENT
  • King Kenny vs Ashley Tebi from Rak Su
  • Deen The Great vs Pully Arif
  • Luis Pineda & BDave vs Stromedy & Austin Sprinz
  • Walid Sharks vs N&A Productions
  • Astrid Wett vs AJ Bunker
  • Ginty vs Halal Ham
  • Tempo Arts vs Godson

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What are the 7 punches to boxing?

The seven punches in boxing are jab, cross, hook, uppercut, straight right, left hook, and body shot. These punches will be used to attack the opponent’s head, body and legs.

What is the best way to practice boxing with no partner?

If you’re looking for a partner to practice boxing, you can watch boxing matches on television. A local amateur boxing association is also available. Amateur boxesing clubs usually hold regular training sessions. These sessions often involve sparring partners who hit the pads together.

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How to set up a Boxing Gym in my House

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