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Joe Cordina sends Welsh crowd into delirium to claw back IBF world title with thrilling split decision win vs Rakhimov

, Joe Cordina sends Welsh crowd into delirium to claw back IBF world title with thrilling split decision win vs Rakhimov

JOE CORDINA ripped back his IBF super-featherweight world title with a thrilling split decision win over Shavkat Rakhimov.

The 31-year-old Welshman won the red and gold belt with a sensational knockout last June but – when it was revealed he needed surgery on a hand later broken in sparring for his first defence – he was stripped in October.

Joe Cordina celebrates winning his IBF super-featherweight world title back

Wales star Cordina beat Shavkat Rakhimov by split decision in a thrilling contest

Undeterred and undefeated, he got a second crack at the crown in his home city of Cardiff and regained his belt with a perfect blend of skill and savagery, taking it with cards of 111-116, 115-112 & 114-113.

Cordina’s hands were fast and accurate and his front-foot pivot was slick, Rakhimov – the 28-year-old from Tajikistan – piled forward hurling body punches.

The southpaw champion landed regularly with his heavy left hand but Cordina was happy to trade with him in the second.

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And then a left hook dropped Rakhimov but he stunned the crowd by beating the count and surviving the round.

Rakhimov’s left eye was a bloody and bruised mess by the end of the sixth, following a string of right hands from the orthodox Brit.

Cordina – for so long regarded a Welsh wizard best at using his long wands from distance – was like a Mexican gunslinger throwing bombs in the pocket in the seventh.

The scarred right hand – that has now been rebuilt with two operations – landed again in the eighth and buzzed the wilting visitor.

, Joe Cordina sends Welsh crowd into delirium to claw back IBF world title with thrilling split decision win vs Rakhimov
Rakhimov’s left-eye was a bloody and bruised mess during the fight


It was nip-and-ruck in the championship rounds as Cordina tried to box and Rakhimov kept brawling, with almost equal success. 

But it was the hometown hero showboating and celebrating in the final sessions as he expected his second coronation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I practice boxing defense by myself?

Boxing is the oldest known martial art. Boxing can also be considered to one of hardest sports to perform. It’s not enough to punch someone in their face and knock them out. You need to know how you can defend yourself against punches or kicks.

Find a local boxing gym. Once you’ve found a good place to train, you’ll need to get some gloves and headgear. Gloves protect your hands and the headgear your head. You will also need shorts and a shirt.

After you have all the equipment you need, it’s time to get warm. You can start slowly and then increase speed gradually. When you feel ready, hit the bag and spar with another boxer. Don’t be disappointed if you do not succeed. Don’t worry if you miss. Just keep trying until it works.

How can I improve my punching form?

Boxing is all in the form of punching. For you to become a better boxer, your punch technique must be perfected. Here are some tips to improve your punching form.

  • Keep your head elevated. You should keep your head high when throwing punches.
  • Punch from the shoulder. Try to punch from the shoulder, not the chin when you throw a punch.
  • Focus on your feet. Try not to move your feet when you’re punching.
  • Make quick, short punches. Longer punches can tire you faster.
  • Don’t forget about defense! Always remember to block incoming punches.
  • Use your elbows. You can defend yourself by using your elbows.
  • You can learn to use your legs. Learn to properly use your legs.
  • Keep practicing every day. Keep training even if it makes you tired. To be a good coach, you need to practice.
  • Have fun Enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Keep your eyes open and take deep, slow breaths. Breathing correctly will make you stronger and give you energy.
  • Relax. Do not worry about making mistakes. Just focus on learning new things.
  • Be patient. Boxing is hard. It takes time to perfect your skills.
  • Never stop learning. There is always room for improvement.
  • Listen to music. Music can be a great way to relax and concentrate while training.
  • View videos of professional fighters. It can inspire you to do better.
  • Read books. Reading can help you understand boxing techniques better.
  • It is important to take breaks. Sometimes you might need to stop boxing. Go outside and play basketball or soccer.
  • Find a coach. Having a coach who knows boxing well can help you improve faster.
  • Do push-ups. Push-ups help build strength and endurance.

How long does boxers train for a day?

Boxing trainers train for at most 4 hours per day. They learn new moves and practice their punches. Boxers may spar up to ten times per week.

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How many punches does a human take to get through a round?

A punch is “a blow delivered by a fist”. The human body can only take one punch at a given time. You are punching someone in the face if they hit you. You can’t hit him/her in the back. It would be impossible to hit him/her back with two punches.

Can I box without fighting?

Training boxing requires fighting. You must put in the work to get better at boxing. It is possible to improve your boxing technique.

It is important to observe good boxers fighting in order to improve your boxing technique. Pay attention to how they move and throw punches. Also, observe how they defend themselves. Then try to imitate their techniques.

Next, you’ll need to spar against another boxer. This is where you will see if your boxing technique has improved. You will also be able to see how fast you punch, how strong your punches are, and how well it blocks incoming punches when sparring.

Finally, practice your skills by performing drills. Practice is key, so don’t be discouraged and keep practicing.

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How long does it take for you to learn boxing

It takes about 3 months to learn boxing. This includes learning how to do footwork, stand, and balance. It’s important to remember that boxing is not only about throwing punches. You also need to learn how to block and dodge attacks.


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  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

External Links

How To

How to learn to box to exercise

How to Learn to Box For Exercise

Learning boxing will help you improve your self-confidence and physical fitness. Boxing has become a very popular sport. It involves strength, speed and agility.

Boxing is an excellent way to lose weight and feel great about yourself. You will find that the activity is enjoyable and you want to continue doing it.

There are many kinds of boxing programs. Some are held at health clubs or gyms, while others can be done at home. You can also take online courses that allow you access from anywhere in this world.

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Make sure you choose a program that meets your needs and is compatible with your lifestyle. The best programs are those that focus on building muscle mass, increasing flexibility, improving cardiovascular endurance, and improving overall well-being.

It is important to consider whether you would prefer a beginner’s or an advanced course. Beginner’s courses usually cover basic techniques such as shadowboxing or sparring, mittwork and punching combinations. Advanced programs typically offer a wider variety of exercises and cover more complex movements.

Beginners’ programs generally last around eight weeks and cost less than $100. These programs do not provide guidance about nutrition, weight, injury prevention or any other aspect of boxing training.

Advanced programs can last up to six months, and usually cost about $300. These programs often include nutrition advice, stretching routines and warm-up exercises. They also provide instruction on proper technique. Some programs include resistance training, such as lifting weights, and aerobic conditioning, such as running.

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