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John Fury backs Daniel Dubois for taking knee but warns he’ll ‘probably get head boxed off’ if he fights champ son Tyson

JOHN FURY has defended Daniel Dubois’ decision to take a knee in the tenth round of his bout with Joe Joyce last weekend – but warned that he would ‘probably get his head boxed off’ by son Tyson.

Big John joined the likes of Anthony Joshua and Anthony Ogogo in backing Dubois’ call to end the fight, insisting that it’s not worth ‘losing your career’ over.

Dubois ended the fight by taking a knee
John Fury, father of Tyson, backed Dubois’ call

Dubois, 23, has been heavily criticised by many in the boxing community for ‘giving up’, despite having suffered a cracked eye socket and a bleed on the retina – with Dillian Whyte, Carl Frampton and Chris Eubank Jr among his detractors.

But Fury, 56, took a more long-term view.

He told talkSPORT: “The lad done very, very well. He’s 23 years old.

“It’s only a boxing match. He’s not gonna lose his eye over a boxing match, is he?

“I think he’s done the right thing.

“Joe Joyce is a gigantic man and he was hitting hard with the jab.

“Who knows? It could be a career-threatening injury.

“You’re not gonna lose your career over a boxing match, are you?”

Daniel Dubois’ eye was in a horrific state by the end of the fight

On a potential future WBC title shot at son Tyson, however, John was brutally honest in his assessment.

He added: “Probably, yeah, why not? He’s capable, he’s capable.

“He’ll probably get his head boxed off, but he’s capable.”

On Dubois’ future, meanwhile, Joshua exclusively told SunSport: “If Daniel needs someone to speak to, he should call me.

“It is easy for people to criticise from outside the ring — but some people have been out of order.

“Daniel took a massive risk in taking that fight, as did Joe Joyce.

“They both knew the dangers and they both put it all on the line.

“I hear people talking respectfully about tapping out in MMA fights.

“Then when a boxer stops because his eyeball is about to fall out, they call him a ‘quitter’ — are they serious?”

Anthony Joshua backed Daniel Dubois and offered to reach out